If you are looking forward to another great patio season then it is time to take a look at last year’s stock and start cleaning.  Outside wicker furniture looks fantastic on a patio but it does need some care to keep it strong and looking good.

These pieces can be expensive so you will want to extend their life by cleaning them well.

Outside accessories and furniture will take on a lot of dust, dirt and bugs with usage but the beauty of outside accessories is that they can be washed and brought back to life quickly. 

Wicker is beautiful but it does have lots of crevices that trap dirt and can make the piece look old and dated fast.  With just a few simple supplies you can have that patio furniture ready for use in no time.

Outside Wicker FurnitureCredit: morguefile.com

What You Will Need

An afternoon outside to enjoy the fresh air at the same time as cleaning and note: wear appropriate clothing since you will be using the hose.

Murphy’s Oil Soap – This is the secret ingredient to cleaning wicker or any wood because this is a soap specially designed for use on wood and it does a good job on wicker.  You simply mix it with some warm water.

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this works perfectly on wood surfaces to really clean them without drying them out.

Soft Scrub Brush – This is important because you need to get into those crevices and loosen dirt.  You don’t want anything to harsh, so a softer scrub brush works well at loosening dirt.

Garden Hose with Adjustable Spray Nozzle – This is the perfect tool for rinsing the piece afterwards.  Using a medium spray only, you don’t want it to blow bits of wood off of the furniture!

Outside Wicker Furniture Cleaning Method

Step 1 – Start by taking the cushions off and then taking a vacuum, vacuum all the dust and bits off of the piece especially in the crevices, the more you can vacuum off the easier cleaning will be.

Step 2 – Mix your oil soap with water (follow directions on bottle but you don’t need much) and then taking the soft scrub brush start to clean your wicker making sure to get into the crevices.

Step 3 – Take your piece out onto the lawn or an open area and spray it down with the hose on medium spray to rinse off the soap.

Step 4 – Make sure and tilt the wicker chair or piece on an angle by leaning it against something so that all the water can drain away.  Then let it dry naturally outside.  You are now set for the season.

Wicker is not a fan of sitting water.  So, yes you need to use water to clean it, but get the water to drain so that it is not sitting anywhere on the piece or you could be faced with rot or a weakening of the furniture, so setting it on an angle to dry works best.

If you keep your outside wicker furniture in the elements on your patio or deck, then it may be a good idea to consider getting covers for it, so that you can simply throw a cover on it over night or if weather is approaching to protect the wicker and your cushions.

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these covers are quick to put on and protect your outside wicker furniture and also rattan.

If Your Outside Wicker Furniture is Natural

Then you may want to consider giving it some protection.  You can do this by making sure it is very clean and totally dry by using the above cleaning method, and then take a spray can of matt varnish and spraying the piece.   

This way it is protected for a few years depending on where you keep your set, but this works well for those older wicker pieces to extend their life.  A Matt finish is a dull clear finish, so this is perfect if you don’t want the shine but you want the natural colour showing through.

Many of the newer wicker pieces on the market now have a coating on them to protect from the elements, but they will still need cleaning.  So, if you want your pieces to look their best then give them a clean at least once a year.

The spring is probably the best time so they are ready for use.  Then try and cover them when you can to protect them further and enjoy your outside wicker furniture for the season.

If you Bring Your Wicker Inside for the Off Season

If you bring the pieces inside for the winter to protect them and possibly use them indoors, then you should make sure and clean them one more time before bringing them indoors and let them dry well outside.

This way you can make sure you are not carrying “hitch hikers” such as bugs or mice into the house.  Spiders have been known to make nests in the crevices of wicker, by cleaning and spraying the pieces down then you will make sure they don’t come into your house as unwanted guests.

Getting the outside ready for the season can be fun with anticipation of ideas for the garden and patio.  While you are cleaning that furniture you could also check out outdoor flooring ideas if you want to change it up a bit.  That is the beauty of season changes, you can have a different look and feel each year.


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