If you have a 2 storey house it can be difficult to clean windows.  But learning how to clean outside windows with a hose is just one way to get the job done fast.

Windows can easily drive you nuts when it comes to cleaning them.  You get out all your cleaners and tools, you get up on that ladder and you scrub away and polish them up to a glistening shine only to see huge streaks and rub marks when the sun comes shining in.

So, you get back out there and have someone on the inside telling you where all the spots are, in the end it just feels like you are moving all the dirt around and getting nowhere.

You could Hire a Professional Window Cleaner - Or Not!how to clean outside windows with a hose(113631)Credit: morguefile.com

Yes you could do that if your budget allows, and watch them clean the windows for you, or you could simply use a hose.

Before you get visions of simply moving the dirt around on the windows now with the hose, here are a few great tips to help you with cleaning those dirty outside windows fast and get on with your life.

Step 1 – Purchase a container of siding and window cleaner.  You can get this at your local hardware store or home improvement store.  It will be in a jug with a contraption on top that will attach to your hose.

This product is usually used for cleaning the siding on houses.  It is environmentally friendly soap that also works well on windows.  No drying or climbing ladders to finish the job it is all done with the hose.How to clean outside windows(113634)Credit: amazon.com

It simply attaches to the hose and does not need hot water just your tap water and it even works with hard water.  It does the job and maybe you might want to clean your siding while you are at it!  It won’t hurt your plants or shrubs or the lawn.  I use it all the time, as I don’t do ladders!

Step 2 – Make sure your windows are closed!  Don’t laugh!  I left mine open a crack, and next thing you know I was cleaning the kitchen counter, so go around and make sure the windows are closed and locked (locking them will have them tightly closed).

Step 3 – Make sure it is not a windy day – it can be difficult to get the water pressure onto the window if there is a gale force wind going on around you!  You may end up getting washed rather than the windows.

It would also be better to not have an intensive hot sunny day either, or the soapy water dries to quick on the windows.  If it is going to be a hot day and it is the only day of your week that you can do this job, then make sure and get up early and do it first thing before the heat or hot sun picks up.  I find early morning better than evening or you are dealing with bugs later at night.

Step 4 – Get out your hose! – Get the hose out and take off any nozzle you have and then place the nozzle end into the fitting on the jug of window cleaner.  Read the instructions first.  Make sure the indicator is at off, so that you can turn on the hose without it spraying all over the place until you are ready.How to Clean Outside windows with a Hose(113632)Credit: morguefile.com

Step 5 – Ready, aim, fire! – Turn the indicator to “mix” or whatever your brand of cleaner says.  Usually there are 3 choices, Mix (which is the soap mixing with the hose water, which is what you want for cleaning) Water (which is just plain water and bypasses the soap, which you need for rinsing) or Off (which has the water flowing to the jug but nothing coming out the other end!

Now aim at the window and you will see quite quickly just how high this can go.  I have no problem using this system for second storey windows, so the first storey are a breeze.

Step 6 – Starting at the top of each window with the mixture turned on, spray the window for top to bottom so the dirt will simply wash off to the bottom of the window and then off.  Go back and forth holding the jug of window cleaner and watch the dirt come off. 

Do the window a couple of times and let the soap sit briefly, not to dry, but just to do its job, then switch the indicator to water and rinse.  Make sure to rinse from top to bottom of the window to get the soap off.  Don’t worry there are not huge suds and this will not hurt your garden.  It actually may help with aphids!

Step 7 – Let the windows dry naturally, and you will find when you go in the house that the dirt and dust is gone and there are no water marks or drips.

This was a huge time saver for me, and it did not require ladders or squeegees or buckets, just my garden hose.

So if you have ever wondered how to clean outside windows with a hose, then these steps should get you to cleaner windows fast.

How to Clean Windows with a hoseCredit: morguefile.com

It would still be easier to watch some good looking guy professionally cleaning the windows, but with my budget that is not going to happen!  So, too bad there was not a system like this for cleaning the inside windows!

At least the outside is now taken care of.  I know at my last house I used this system and didn’t realize just how dirty and dusty my siding had got, so before you know it the walls were clean too!

Obviously you can’t have leaky windows for this system to work, but if you just aim for the glass and start from the top of each window, you will clean, get rid of soap and be left with windows you can now see thru!

I do this spring and fall and it takes more time to go around and close and lock the windows than it does to do the job.  Try it!

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