Stainless steel looks so beautiful when it is new or well looked after. It marks very easy, and poor quality stainless can pit or scratch very easy. Therefore buying the best quality will pay in the end.

If you do not know what you are doing you can damage the surface permanently. Never use abrasive cloths, sponges or cleaners on stainless steel they will leave scratches which cannot be removed.

How to keep your sink shining

· Rinse sinks with clean water after each use and dry with a soft cloth. This will prevent marks forming in hard water areas.

· Put a dog of undeleted dish washing liquid on cloth and rub to remove any greasy marks.

· To remove small scratches polish with stainless steel polish, once a month.

Soaking Stainless Steel

Avoid stainless steel coming in contact with bleach, or salt. This may cause pitting on the surface. And do not soak it longer than necessary.

Removing stains

Most stain removal is best done soon after it happens, not allowing it to set as it may be impossible to remove. Toasters often become marked around the top where the heat burns on the stainless steel.

Removal- Use a soft cloth and make a paste with bicarbonate of soda and rub softly. When marks removed wipe with clean cloth.

Stainless steel Stove tops

How many times has the saucepan boiled over the second you walk out the room? If you cannot wipe it clean straight away there is still hope. Those little gas jet covers with the holes in get really stained after several uses. Buy some liquid clothes washing Dynamo, and remove these parts from the stove and soak in a dessertspoon of Dynamo with 2 cups of hot water. If possible soak overnight. If stain is very stubborn use the bicarbonate soda paste and rub then clean off with clean water.

Oven trays

Soak these in Dynamo (clothes) washing liquid and hot water. Leave overnight and wipe off next day with brush. No Rubbing required and you can clean your oven the same way with bicarbonate paste. Or wipe oven over with the dynamo and leave overnight.

Stainless steel fridge doors

Wipe over with damp cloth to remove finger marks, then wipe again with dry cloth. If you have any stubborn marks use one of those magic eraser cleaners.

It is a good idea to shine with a good stainless steel polish from time to time and polish off with soft cloth. By following these suggestions you should always have shiny stainless steel appliances in your home.

Stainless Steel Products are becoming more and more popular, so you will need to remember how to clean them when buying Stainless Steel Products