Step by Step Guide

This article will provide you with a step by step guide on how to clean your tile.  My hope is that by the end of this article you will have the knowledge to clean your bathroom tile, kitchen tile, parlor tile, or just your run-of-the-mill tile.  


We all know that your household tile can get nasty from time to time.  You may have small children who play outside and then run their dirty hands or feet on the tile.  This causes crud to build up in the grout.  Additionally, you may have a husband or wife who is constantly outside and tracks in dirt.  Again, the dirt builds up in the grout.  

You should probably try and have them stop tracking in dirt, but that may be a lost cause.  Every day spills can also cause build up in the grout that will tarnish your tile and it is very important that you clean your tile on a monthly basis.  The last thing that you want is permanent tile damage.  

So without further adieu let's begin the step-by-step guide.  


Step One

It is important that you make sure that there is no left over food particles, dirt, grime, trash or garbage on your floor before you start cleaning the tile.  I would recommend grabbing a broom and just brushing over the floor so that you can sweep up all the left over dirt.  It is going to be hard to clean the tile if there is any dirt or grime on the floor.  


tile 4Credit: google images

Once you have sweeped up the dirt that is on the tile make sure that it is in a clean pile and then scoop it up and put it in the trash.  We want your tile to look perfect before we start cleaning the grout so that means that any dirt has to be removed from the surface with a vacuum cleaner or broom.  Additionally, make sure that you have moved any furniture out of the way.  

It will be very hard to clean with furniture obstructing you!  

Step Two

Get a bucket and put it under the sink.  Make sure you fill the bucket up about half way and apply a type of oxygen bleach powder.  I prefer Ajax, but you can use other brands.  Oxyclean might work for this, but never tried that.  So, if you have some Ajax oxygen bleach pour it into your bucket of water and the apply it to the tile.  

Tile 1Credit: Google Images

We are going to want and apply the water with oxygen bleach solution to the dirty tile grout and then let the water solution sit for a while.  I would recommend anywhere up to forty five minutes.  The purpose of this is to allow the solution to break down all of that nasty dirt and grime that you have in your tile grout.  

You are going to want to liberally apply the solution with a spunge and make sure that it is coating the tile grout.  Once you have applied the solution let it sit for up to forty five minutes.  During this time, you may want to apply the solution to other areas of your house that need cleaning.  Make sure to repeat step one in these other areas.  

Step Three

In Step Three we are going to begin scrubbing the tile grout.  It is important that you have a brush for this because it will do the job a lot better than a sponge.  

tile 4Credit: Google Images

For this step you will need to get on your hands and needs and use the brush to scrub the solution into the grout.  You should have let the solution sit for up to forty five minutes before you start scrubbing with the brush!

Now that the solution has begun to loosen up the dirt and grime in the grout, it shouldn't be hard to scrub it out.  Use your muscles and apply some elbow greeze.  You may have to scrub hard with the brush.  This depends on how long the dirt and grime has been in the grout.  This process may take up to an hour depending on how big your tile floor is.  I would recommend that you take your time and brush hard.   Make sure that you scrub into the grout is clean and white.   You don't want to leave any dirt or grime behind.  Remember it will be harder to dislodge the longer you let it stay in your tile grout!

Step Four

After you have scrubbed the grout with your brush you are going to want to wait around twenty minutes.  This is to let the oxygen bleach solution that you scrubbed into the grout solidify.  Once you have waited the required amount of time (twenty minutes) you will need to return to your tile for a final step.  The final step will have you clean the floor, once again, except this time you will just need a bucket of water and a mop.  

tile 5Credit: google images

The mop will allow you to spread clean water over the tile grout.  This way we can make sure that the tile is totally clean.  Do not over saturate your floor by mopping too much water!   So after you use a conservative amount of clean water on the floor you should let it simmer until it dissolves.  Run a fan or something to help the water dissapate and after a few hours your floor should be squeaky clean.  

Final Tips

It is important to remember that cleaning tile grout can be avoided.  If you clean up after each meal, make sure that there is no dirt tracked into your house, and are generally a clean natured person you should not have this problem often.  

Tile 2Credit: Google Images

It is important to remember that children (while cute!) can often be the harbingers of dirt and grime.  Make sure that when your child comes in from playing outside that their feet and hands are clean or nasty filth may sneak in with them!  I would recommend making them take their shoes off when they come in the house and always have them wash their hands after coming inside.  

Closing Thoughts

  • Remember that to clean you will need an oxygen bleach solution.  
  • Children can track in dirt so watch out!
  • Tile cleaning can be avoided if you regularly clean up by sweeping or vaccuming! 
  • Watch out for pets because they can often be messy especially dogs.   

Good luck and I hope this article helped keep your floors clean.  


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