How To Clean UGG Boot

Ugg boots are getting increasingly popular. Almost every woman and some guys are wearing them nowadays. There are ankel boots, boots and even boots with fur on it.

All boots are made of suede/ nubuck leather or leather with a napped surface. This type of leather is made by smoothing animal skin by removing the hair and tanning.

Suede is a lovely material - warm, soft and cuddly. Too bad he's such a terribly expensive to clean. Generally, clothing suede cleaning professional. This can be expensive, but the most effective way to ensure the safety of your fabric. If you must clean your own, follow these guidelines.

You should clean cloth only products recommended for suede leather instead of simply using a leather cleaner in general. Vinegar or soap can also be used to clean suede, in some cases, but you should always test cleaning products in an area of the cloth item that does not appear. Suede stains very easily, so the best way to avoid having to constantly clean spray to spray protection exclusively for suede leather.

Suede leather should'nt be cleaned with polished with leather cream or polish. It would change the color of the leather and make it thicker and more dirty. What should you do than?

Buy some suede shampoo from Saphire or LCA. Get a shoe brush for getting rid of mud. Get a small shoe brush.

First of all, you should brush all the mud and dirt of your Uggs by firmly applying your shoe brush on the nubuck parts of your boots. After all the filth has been removed, you should mix some suede shampoo with 1/3 of lukewarm water. Dip your small shoe brush in the lukewarm shampoo mixture and start brushing at the boots. Dip your brush in the liquid every two or three sweeps of your brush. Don't soak your boots! After you have cleaned all of your nubuck it is best to let the Uggs dry for several hours at a dry and clean place. You can repeat the cleansing procedure if the boots aren't clean enough in one treatment.

After wearing or cleaning the boots you should always put a cedar wooden shoe tree in the boots. Cedar wood not only quickly dry up the wet boot, but will also repell mots from your garments! Wooden shoe trees are perfect for preventing wrinkles in your boots.