The best methods on how to clean your PC vary from user to user. In most cases, people do not realize that a computer's performance often relies on occasional maintenance and quick tune-ups. As a result, many often end up spending hundreds of dollars on new equipment, only to be faced with the same issues they had paid so much to escape from.

Things You Will Need

Anti spyware tool
Anti virus tool

Step 1

Install an anti spyware tool. Malware threats are a lot more common than viruses. Although less harmful, they are usually the primary cause of a malfunctioning or slow system. There are several respected programs that perform a beautiful job at cleaning your PC, such as Spybot: Search & Destroy as well as Ad-aware.

Step 2

Keep your anti spyware program updated. Typically, these applications update themselves automatically, but in case you don't notice any updates for over two weeks, look up the auto update feature implemented within the program's man control panel. This should be the main priority if looking to maintain and clean your PC.

Step 3

Schedule regular and automated scans. Of course, keeping your program up to date is only half the battle. Thankfully, you can generally set them to automatically scan your entire computer at the time and date of your choice. To clean your PC even further, set it and forget it right before bed time and you will surely find a much cleaner PC by morning.

Step 4

Install an anti virus suite. This is something no computer should be without. Just like your anti spyware tool, ensure that you update and schedule automatic scans at least once per week.

Step 5

If all else fails, reinstall your Operating System. To clean your PC to its full potential, format your hard drive and install a fresh copy of your system at least every six months. Before doing so, ensure that you backup all your personal data, as everything will be deleted along with your system once formatted.

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Tips & Warnings

Tip: Never download or install unnecessary applications, as they tend to leave unwanted data in your system, later causing your PC to slow down.

Warning: If any of your data has been infected by malicious adware, your anti virus suite may either quarantine or completely delete the file(s) in question.