Mini blinds, whether metal or plastic look awesome on windows and are an affordable way to get instant privacy without investing too much in draperies.  You can tilt them to avoid direct sunlight, you can open them to let in light and you can pull them right up to let the spring breezes come in, but they are also a magnet for dust, dirt and grime.

So, how do you clean them without spending hours or damaging them?  If you have windows that open with these blinds, you will now get moisture, and then dust attaches itself and it doesn’t take long for them to look dingy.  I had a friend who got the cheapest ones she could find, then every year or two she simply threw them out and got new ones.  That is such a waste!

Here are 5 Quick and Easy ways to clean those metal mini blinds.

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Dusting Gloves

If you can start right from day one, and at least once every season or more if you can get in the habit, or even every week, you simply wear these gloves and go between the slats and give them a good dusting.  If you keep this up you will avoid the layers of dust and dirt from growing and making those bright clean blinds look dingy.

These gloves are perfect for light layers of dust and are washable.

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Vacuum Attachment

If you don’t have a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner you can get them online.  Close the blinds completely and then vacuum, and then turn then using the stick turn your blinds upwards and this will clean the underside.

You can use the vacuum attachment in combination with the dusting gloves.  Give them a quick vacuum first to get loose dust off, and then use the gloves to get what has stuck to the slats.  This works quite fast, and you can finish a blind in no time.

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Duster Brush

This will give them a bit of a rub and fits between the slats.  Just open your blinds with the stick and go along a few rows at a time.  You will have to keep taking it out to avoid the strings, but this option will work too.  This duster brush is specially designed just for blinds.

Nasty Grimy Disgusting Metal Mini Blinds!

I am not sure why but the metal ones seem to really attract grime.  I had some in my kitchen and with the cooking and moisture I waited too long and they were pretty dingy.  They were far beyond the options above.  If this is the same with you, there are two more options.  The bathtub or Outside.

Bathtub – Fill the tub so that the water will be over the blinds.  Go to your window and pull your blinds up but not tightly, you want the water to get between the slats.  But enough to make it easier for you to handle them and not dent them.  Lay them in the tub that you have added some dish soap too, and even a mild degreaser if necessary (for me this was necessary!)  I did this by closing the slats while still on the window and lightly spraying a kitchen degreaser on the slats and then opening them and then pulling them up for transport to the bathroom.

Let them soak for 30 minutes, and then change the water to clean rinse water and swoosh around to get soap and degreaser off. 

Lay out some thick towels on the floor and place the metal mini blinds there to dry.  Once mostly dry install them back on the window and open the slats to let fully dry.

Backyard Method

I have included a video to help with this one, but this worked the best for my kitchen mini blinds.  The rest of the house responded well to vacuuming and dusting, but the kitchen blinds really attract grease. I place a couple of hooks on the fence in my yard, and sprayed them with a environmentally friendly degreaser, waited a minute and then spray with the hose. 

This worked best for me.  I had let them hang their full length and now they can dry.  Get a few hooks and do a few at a time.  Obviously this is only practical if you have a fence or like the video a deck with a railing.  You could use your wall if you can stabilize them or a clothes line.  But it is best to have something solid behind them or they will be flapping everywhere.  Of course you could convince a family member to hold on to them if they wanted a bath too!

Obviously the backyard method works best in good weather.  Here is Ontario we get some wicked winters, so we use the bathtub method in the winter.

Micro Fiber Blind Cleaner

This particular type of fabric is pretty good at picking up dusty bits and at the start of any build up.  Most of these easy to use cleaners are online so check them out there.

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Start a Window Blind Cleaning Business

You could invest in proper equipment such as the one above and start your own window blind cleaning business.  There are enough of them out there and lots of people who don't want to be bothered with them anymore!

Don't Throw Those Blinds Away

Don’t squish them up against the window to try and clean them, as this will dent, or crack them.  If you can keep up with a cleaning regime, the first 3 methods are best, but if you are like me and leave them until someone says “hey weren’t these white?”, then the bathtub or the backyard are probably the best method. 

You decide if you need just the lightweight guns or the heavy duty ones for cleaning metal mini blinds!