Have a messy room but don’t want to spend hours cleaning? Set aside some time, weather 5 hours, 1 hour or even a half hour. People generally work better under pressure or when they have a strict time limit. Set aside some time, turn up your music and get to work.

Start out by making your bed. A perfectly made bed makes your room look at least 50% cleaner and nicer than it already was.  Neaten out your pillows, fold up unused blankets and get rid of the extra clothes lying around on your bed. Get rid of anything under your bed as well.
Next, grab and loose-leaf papers, clothing tags, gum wrappers, and throw them out. You’ll be surprised how much trash is lying around. Even better, go around your room with a garbage can and get rid of all the knickknacks and trash. Have empty water bottles or empty glasses of water? Throw them out or put them in the sink. Getting rid of the tiny things can really make all the difference.
If you have a desk or a table, make sure it’s clean. You do want to use it, right? The less that its on it, the better. Dust of the table, neaten out your piles of work, put any extra books on a bookshelf or stack them nicely to the side. The more space, the better. If you have a bunch of pens and pencils lying around, create a drawer or box to put them in. It makes cleaning a lot easier. If you have school books lying around, try investing in a small storage box or sacking your textbooks and binders. Organize them neatly and get them out of the way. Another tip is to buy a few storage bins from Wal-Mart or TJ Maxx. They run pretty cheap and can really help keep you room organized and clutter free.
Let’s be honest here. I’m sure you have a second closet whether it’s on your chair or your floor. Take 5 minutes and figure out what’s clean, and what’s dirty. It only takes a few minutes to fold up those jeans you wore last night or to hang up that dress you wore to church last Sunday. Put your dirty clothes in the laundry hamper and put your hamper in your closet. Although your dirty clothes are hidden in the hamper, your room can still look cluttered and dirty when you have dirty things around. So keep your hamper out of the way. This also goes hand in hand with your garbage. Empty it out! Who wants to see trash?
If you have a little more time on your hands, clean out your closet. Sort your clothes into 2 piles: clothes you want to keep, and clothes you want to give away. Put the clothes you don’t want into a garbage bag and get them out of your way. The stay organized, try color-coding your closet. Keep all the reds and orange shirts together. Put all you jeans together, and anything black and white together. Try hanging up your sweatshirts on your bedpost rather than your closet. They tend to take up more space and can sometimes make your closet look messy. If you have a storage bin, put all of you summer clothes, or winter clothes, (depending on the season) away. This will really maximize the space in your closet.  
Finally, vacuum your room. Getting the dust out is probably one of the most important things. If you have a small rug, dust it outside. Tack a damp rag and wipe down areas that are prone to being dusty, such as a bookshelf, windowsill or a ceiling fan. Open up your window for a few minutes to air it out and maybe even spray some air freshener or lighting a scented candle.  

Extra Tips:

If you enjoy listening to music while you clean, challenge yourself. Try making your bed or neatening out you desk before your favorite song ends.
Don’t get sidetracked on anything! You must stay focused. If you find old magazines or old homework assignments, resist looking at them. They will waste the time that you could be doing something else.
If you neaten out our room a little bit every night, you will have less to clean. Try this every night before you go to bed for a week. Clean up for only 5 minutes, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is when you do a proper cleaning.
Put your bedding and clothes in the wash before you start cleaning your room. Try to be done with your room by the time everything is dry. A clean bed is always a great way to end the day after a long and busy day of cleaning.