To clean a cashmere scarf takes a little patience and time but it can be done, so that you can continue to wear that softness all season long.

Picture this.  You have your brand new cashmere scarf set on, you know the one you got for a present, and you are now looking at the coffee dribbling down your scarf.  You quickly take it off, and look at the attached tag for care instructions and it says "dry clean only"

With dry cleaning bills getting higher and higher, and just the idea that you now have to stop after work and get this done, then pick it up and smell the chemical smells that tend to come with dry cleaned clothes, you are probably looking for another way to clean a cashmere scarf.

There is another way, so try this at home.

Step One - Take off the scarf, and blot any excess fluids off of it.  Don't rub the stain, just simply blot up any excess. Clean Cashmere Scarf

Step Two - Fill a totally clean sink, with luke warm water and a drop of baby shampoo or other very mild soap (I find baby shampoo works really well for all hand washing, as it is gentle for a baby's head so figure it will work well on delicates!).

Step Three - Gently squeeze the soapy water through the cashmere but do not be rough, or wring it out.  Just let the water get through the material and take out the stain.  This also works well to freshen the cashmere scarf at the end of the season before you put it away.

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Step Four - Let out the water and leave the scarf in the sink, don't be trying to pick it up while it is wet or it will stretch.  Now refill the sink with cool clean water and gently rinse the fabric but do not add fabric softener.

Step Five - Get yourself a fluffy clean towel and gently squeeze the excess water out of the scarf, but do not wring.  Then gently roll it up in the towel.  Do this twice with another towel if you need to.  Then simply let it dry flat on another fresh absorbent type towel.  Make sure to keep out of sunlight while it is drying.

This works well and not only gets rid of any stains or spills, but freshens it up.  Do not use fabric softeners either on this delicate fabric as it can weaken the fibers.  You can retain the softeness of the cashmere by taking good care of it, and giving it a gentle wash before putting it away for the season. 

It is easy for a cashmere scarf to end up with makeup or spills on it.  The quicker you get to any spills the better, just try not to rub at any stains or this will stretch the fabric.  Cashmere is a great material for keeping you warm, but is also a fashionable material for scarves.  Now that you know how to clean your cashmere scarf you can have a few of them in your wardrobe!

It is worth having a bottle of gentle baby shampoo around for any delicates, it makes a great mild cleaner.