Once your coffee maker begins to take on that lovely caramel color and has a good bit of scale buildup it needs to be cleaned. Actually you can clean it a little sooner if you are so inclined. Using vinegar to clean a coffee maker is a quick and easy way to get that dingy old coffee maker looking shiny and new.

All you need to clean a machine with vinegar is some white vinegar and water … well you also should have the coffee pot itself otherwise I really don’t know why you’re bothering to learn this stuff.

Before you actually get to the vinegar get rid of any filters, grounds, and any other loose debris that tends to hang out in and around the coffee maker area. You might actually get a little carried away and wipe off the grime on the outside of the coffee maker itself, sugar stuck to the counter, and dried coffee that has dripped down the sides of the designated counter space.

When I do it I just kind of randomly mix my ingredients but I don’t want to break your maker so try using 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. This mixture will be strong enough to clean even the cruddiest pot around. You’re gonna put the water and vinegar into the machine where the water goes when you make coffee. Just pretend you’re making a pot and run that mixture through a brewing cycle.

Once the cycle has completed let the water and vinegar mixture cool down and dispose of it. You should run a couple batches of plain water through the machine once you are done with the vinegar. A little vinegar in your coffee won’t hurt you but it won’t taste very good.

All coffee makers need to be cleaned periodically. If you try and do it every month … or two … or three … you shouldn’t have a problem with a dirty coffee maker anymore. Another plus is that your coffee should taste a bit better.