The easiest way to clean a dishwasher is using vinegar. Over time and with use all dishwashers become dirty and monthly cleaning will keep them clean and free of odors.

The dishwasher is one of the easiest of all things to clean. All you have to do is put vinegar into the machine instead of your normal dishwashing detergent and run it through its cycle. Poof, you are done.

You don't even need to run the machine through an additional cycle since the dishwasher will rinse itself at the end of a normal dishwashing cycle.

If your attachments have lime buildup that the normal vinegar cleaning doesn't get rid of you might have to think about taking it apart to clean the innards.

This is more complicated and works best if the vinegar is warmed. Mix up some vinegar and water … about half and half, heat it and soak the inside bits of your dishwasher in them. I'm not planning to tell you how to disassemble your dishwasher because I don't want to break it. I personally refuse to do this myself. I tend to break appliances when I get into their guts so I'll leave this to someone a bit more mechanically talented. This is the same trick that is used to clean a showerhead or any other metallic thing that gets mineral buildup.

Vinegar is a great non-toxic, organic, and cheap way to clean the dishwasher. If you are tired of paying a fortune for cleaning supplies just pick up a few gallons of vinegar and you are ready to clean almost anything. Keep a spray bottle which has a vinegar and water mixture and one that contains plain vinegar in order to be ready to clean at the drop of … whatever you drop.

There are many other things that can be cleaned with vinegar following is a list of things to try.

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