Dust, fingerprints, grease, or grime, whatever you it may be, I'm sure after spending a large amount of money you want to know how to clean your flat screen TV. If you don't regularly clean your TV, you could drastically shorten the life of it. While it is important to clean your TV, cleaning it the wrong way can also damage the screen. Unfortunately, most common cleaning products can actually damage your TV so it is important to know what to use. In these next few steps will show you how to easily clean your flat screen without causing any damage.
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Things You Will Need

  • A clean soft cloth (preferably 100% cotton, chamois, or microfiber)
  • Luke warm water or a commercial cleaning kit, the kit may come with a cloth

Step 1

Disconnect the power to your TV. It is much safer this way and will allow you to see smudges and fingerprints better.

Step 2

Choose either luke warm water or a cleaning solution that is labeled safe for laptop screen or LCD screen. These type of cleaners are made specifically for cleaning things like flat screen TVs.

Step 3

Dampen your soft cloth with the luke warm water or cleaning solution and gently wipe the screen. Rubbing, scrubbing, and any hard pressure can easily damage the screen. Wiping in circular motions seem to work best for getting out smudges.

Step 4

Dust your TV screen periodically to prevent dust building up. Dust can damage any electrical device especially if gets inside.
With these few steps you should never have a problem keeping your TV clean and safe. Your investment will last for a long time with proper maintenance. Be sure, however, to read the Tips & Warnings section before you begin. Now, clean your TV and start enjoying your investment!

Tips & Warnings

  • DO NOT spray any type of cleaner or water directly on the TV screen. The water can drip into the electronics and damage the circuitry.
  • DO NOT use strong chemicals such as window cleaner, alcohol, or ammonia based cleaners on your screen, They can easily damage the screen.
  • NEVER use newspapers or paper towels on the flat screen. These are made out of wood will scratch your TV.
  • You also may want to make sure your TV is secure before you start cleaning to avoid it falling and/or breaking.