Best way to clean a microwave without chemicals in 5 easy steps!

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Cleaning the microwave is often a chore that many of us try to avoid because it can take too long if food particles build up and it's even more difficult if you're trying to avoid harsh chemicals in your home. What can you use to clean this daily appliance safely without breathing in dangerous and toxic fumes? You can clean a microwave oven quickly and easily without harsh chemicals in a safe and natural way with one of my favorite citrus fruits! And, did you know that you can repeat weekly to maintain a clean microwave as well as a safer home that even the kids can learn how to do.

Just follow these simple steps to clean your microwave in 5 steps without chemicals to get started:

Difficulty: Easy

Instructions for How to Clean a Microwave

Things You'll Need:

Small microwaveable bowl

Fresh lemon or lemon juice

One cup of water

Clean washcloth

Step 1

Use a microwaveable bowl

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Use a small microwaveable bowl and fill half way with regular tap water.

Step 2

Fresh lemons are a natural cleaner

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Cut a slice or two of fresh lemon and add to your microwaveable bowl with one cup of water. Turn your appliance on high and allow the cleaning to be done right before your eyes!  If you only have lemon juice, use a tablespoon of lemon juice instead and don't forget to add water. Lemon juice packs come in handy and you won't need to have fresh lemon.

Step 3

Use a timer

Heat the lemon and water in the microwave for approximately two minutes, until it starts to boil. This produces a steam which will loosen any dirt or spilled areas in the microwave.

Step 4

Use oven mitts

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Using an oven mitt or other protective surface for your hands, carefully remove the steaming hot water from the microwave oven and save it to clean the exterior once it's cooled.

Step 5

Remove loosened microwave debris with a clean washcloth

Use a soft cotton, clean washcloth to wipe the inside completely. The lemon water and steam created will have loosened all the dirt or dried food particles from the top, bottom, sides and door. This is the best way to clean one of your most used appliances that will also help it to smell great when you're finished!  Any dirt or spills will be removed easily without the use of chemicals. Repeat this process weekly to keep the microwave clean and to avoid a buildup of food particles. Clean the exterior with the lemon water used earlier or check with the microwave manufacturer for specific cleaning instructions based on your model.

* The leftover lemon and water can be placed in your automatic sink disposal if you have one to keep it clean and smelling fresh!


Tips & Warnings

  • Use natural ingredients and try to eliminate all chemicals to clean your microwave and from all your cleaning supplies as they can cause skin and mucous membrane irritations as well as increase certain cancers Keep lemon juice packs handy for all sorts of cooking and cleaning chores.

  • Use caution when removing the hot steamy water from the microwave to avoid burns

  • Use iced cold water in case of burns or

  • Seek professional medical attention

  • Use caution when using the knife to cut the lemon

  • Always avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners on a microwave to avoid scratching or damaging your appliance

  • Share this information with your friends or family – they want to know how to clean a microwave without chemicals too.

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