The Sony PlayStation 2 video game system went through a radical remodeling halfway through its life. This included a smaller chip set and parts, which ultimately made the new version roughly half the size of the original design. This new PlayStation 2 is referred to by many as the PS2 Slim. This new, fan-less, PS2 collects dust and grime that could stop the laser from reading any disc. By cleaning the PS2 Slim thoroughly, the system's longevity will be greatly increased.

Things You Will Need

*Feather duster
*Dry cloth
*Cotton swabs
*Rubbing alcohol
*Grounding device
*Phillips-head screwdriver
*Compressed air canister

Step 1

Wipe off any excess dust that has accumulated around and on top of the PS2 with a feather duster. When the PS2 is on, dust particles attract to the system causing a quick buildup of dust, especially if the system is located in a small area that does not allow for any air circulation.

Step 2

Take a dry cloth and wipe down the PS2. Do not push down on the lid as you wipe as that could scratch the laser. This will clean the harder dust off that the feather duster could not get off.

Step 3

Take a cotton swap and dab a little rubbing alcohol on the tip. Make sure to put just a little bit on the swab so it does not drip. Lightly swab the system down in areas that are still dirty. Be sure to hit the vents on the back as they are the hardest area on the system to clean. After swabbing down the system, lightly dry it off with the washcloth using the same directions as in step 2.

Step 4

If the system appears to be dirty on the inside, be careful with the next few steps. Once you peel off the warranty sticker on the bottom, the PS2's warranty is void and Sony will not even repair your system for a cost.

Step 5

Make sure you are "grounded" to ensure that no static shocks will fry the motherboard. Simply touching a piece of nearby metal will work. The best solution is using a grounding device that attaches around your wrist will work which keeps you grounded at all times.

Step 6

Unscrew the screws on the bottom of the system with a small Philips-head screwdriver. Tear the warranty sticker off one side of the casing. Once the sticker hits the air, it will repeatedly say the word "void." Remove the lid, but be careful.

Step 7

Clean any noticeable dust and dirt with a dry cotton swab or a can of compressed air.

This process will fix many PS2 laser problems, but not all of them. Sometimes, the laser may be entirely broken, requiring a replacement to be put in its place.

Tips & Warnings

Do not lose any of the screws.