If you use your pool table quite a bit then chances are it has started to build up dust, crumbs and chalk. 

You may even find a few chip crumbs in the ball pockets, but if you clean the felt on a regular basis you will extend the life of your table and also keep the roll of the ball accurate.  Nothing like losing a game due to a piece of something stuck to the felt.

Let’s face it; everyone hangs around the table when there is a game in motion armed with beverages, snacks and the chalk.  They start touching everything and before you know it the felt is not looking as pristine.How to Clean a Pool Table

You can just simply vacuum it with a small handheld vacuum which does work well, but it doesn’t always get the chalk marks off and that can build up on the surface.

To really get that felt clean, then you need to do a few steps.  They are quick and easy but if you do them on a regular basis then your felt will last for years.  Also make sure and keep the cover on the table when not in use as this will prevent dust building up on the felt as well.

How to Clean Pool Table Felt

What You Will Need:

Handheld vacuum

Soft brushes to get the dirt and crumbs out of the edges

Micro fiber clothes

Quick Clean spray

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Take brushes and brush any debris from the edges into the center, and then take your hand held vacuum cleaner and then gently go over the entire felt to get all the chunky debris and dust off of the surface.

Now take your “quick clean” and spray it on quickly and then with your microfiber cloth wipe it off.  This product gets rid of the chalk buildup that the vacuum just doesn’t seem to pick up and leaves the surface clean and dry and pristine looking.

When vacuuming, don’t forget to use the tools and get into the pockets, you will be amazed what can build up in there which then transfers to the table when players pick the balls out of the pockets.

This video gives you an idea of just how to use the product.  He uses a window cleaner cloth, but using a dry microfiber cloth will work just as well.  I like these cloths because they attract dust and dirt easily.


Now you can polish up the rails and your table will look as good as new.  For this to become a regular occurrence, you should have all the supplies near the table.  You can get little vacuum cleaners that are hand held and they don’t take up too much room. 

Keep a supply of microfiber cloths and the “quick clean” spray handy.  The cloths can simply be washed in the washing machine ready for use again.  I find if the supplies are handy then chances are it will get done.

Pool tables are expensive and they will take a beating, so keep the felt clean, and stop the buildup of chalk and you will get many years of enjoyment.  Also have some coasters around and try to stop anyone from having their beverage on the side rail of the table as it can easily spill onto the felt.