How to Clean a TVI recently learned the hard way that if you don't clean your television properly and carefully, it can be ruined forever. My kids were helping me clean with their own spray bottle filled with water. The TV was on and by the time I noticed them spraying the screen, it was too late. The TV made a funny sound and blacked out. No matter what I tried, there was no way to revive it. So, I did some research, and here is what I learned about cleaning a TV properly.

What you will need:

* Soft, dry paper towels or preferably a micro-fiber cleaning towel.

* Water mixed with a small amount of vinegar in a spray bottle.

What to do:

*First and foremost, turn your television off and unplug it before cleaning. I think this was my problem because it shorted out when the kids sprayed it with the water. I should have never given them the spray bottles but I didn't know the damage it could cause. You have to really be careful with televisions.

*Check your owner's manual before cleaning your TV for the first time. Depending on what type of television you have, you may need to follow specific instructions. These are just broad guidelines for most TV's.

*Try dry dusting your TV first with a dry micro fiber towel. If this gets it clean enough, then that is all you need to do. It is the safest and easiest way to clean. But usually, you will have fingerprints and you will need to clean it more thoroughly.

*If you need to get off the fingerprints, do not spray anything directly onto the TV. This could really damage it. Always spray onto the cleaning towel first, and then applying the towel to the TV. Make sure it isn't too wet. A little dampness goes a long way. Also, don't use harsh chemical cleaners. Just use plain water or water mixed with a small amount of vinegar.

*Make sure you wipe the TV completely dry before plugging it back in and turning it on.