It doesn't take long for a toaster to get dirty, especially if you live in a high humidity area. That exterior is subject to dust, grime and smudges. The inside gets full of yucky crumbs. I find myself wondering if the heat will kill the germs, or am I providing a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and insects. Then, I finally break down to clean the toaster. Over the years, I've found some methods that are not only effective, but make the process must easier. Follow the directions below to learn how to clean a toaster.

Clean Toaster


Things You'll Need:

  •     Dirty toaster
  •     Trash can
  •     Sink
  •     Warm soapy water
  •     409 or other cleaner
  •     Towel
  •     Clean new paint brush
  •     Spray can air

Make sure the toaster is unplugged before you begin the cleaning process. Then you will want to remove the crumb tray and shake out the excess crumbs. Hold the toaster over the trash to collect the crumbs. You can even turn it upside down while doing this.

Wash the crumb tray in the sink with warm soapy water and then rinse it well. Place it in a dish drainer and allow it to fully dry.

Now use a clean, small soft bristle paint brush to remove any remaining crumbs or residue on the inside of the toaster. I have a special one that I use only for my toaster. I wash it after using, dry and store in a drawer for next time I clean a toaster.

For stubborn particles or places that I can not reach, I simply use high pressure air in a spray can to blow it clean. I am talking about the kind you use to clean your computer. It is usually sold in the electronic department of value stores.

Clean the outside with a cleaner such as 409 or Bon Ami for dust and grime. For smudges and finger prints, use glass cleaner. Be careful not to spray inside. You don't want to eat cleaner with your next piece of toast. Avoid using an abrasive cleanser or scrubber pad, like Comet, steelwool  or SOS pads. You do nt want to sratch the finish on your toaster.

Make sure that the crumb tray is completely dry and attached back onto the clean toaster.

Tips & Warnings:
Never clean a toaster with metal utensils.
Make sure toaster is unplugged before beginning the cleaning process.
Never submerge a toaster in water.