Cleaning the filter in an Austin Allergy Machine is recommended by the manufacturer.  At a minimum the allergy machine requires cleaning every 6 months.  Approximately every 5 years, the filter requires replacement.  Cleaning and replacement are needed more often in homes or building with a pets or a high amount of dust.  Compared to other good quality home filter systems, the Austin filter has a low long-term cost.  The HEPA filter lasts longer in this machine.  With regular cleaning of the surrounding filter media, this unit cleans the air very well over a long time.

 The Austin Allergy Machine is one of the best air purifiers available for asthma sufferers.  Also, people who have dust and pollen allergies or who live or work in poor air quality conditions will benefit from this HEPA air filtration system.  The machine is quiet and features medical quality air filtration at home.  The air filter has 4 levels of air cleaning including:

  • A stage 1 filter media that collects large dust particles and pet hair.
  • A stage 2 filter media that collects mold spores, pollen, and smaller dust particles
  • A stage 3 true medical grade HEPA filter that collects bacteria and virus
  • A 4th stage that filters through a miltary-grade carbon material for removal of odors

Monthly cleaning

The Austin Allergy machine is designed to clean the outside filter media without opening the case.  Use a shop vac or other high power vacuum and clean the area around the grill opening at least once a month.  This will help to remove any large particles restricting air flow without opening the case.

Steps to cleaning inside the Austin Allergy Machine and replacement of the filter, if necessary

opening the Austin Allergy Machine
Credit: Allen-Douglas

Every 3-6 months, open the Austin Allergy machine case to clean inside.  Remember that inside the HEPA filter, the conditions are medical-grade quality.  So before starting clean your hands and clean sanitize the end of the vacuum equipment.  Use latex or latex-free gloves if they are available.  Flip the unit upside down so the wheels are up.  Using a small Phillips-head screwdriver loosen the screws and remove the bottom cover.

remove filter media
Credit: Allen-Douglas

Remove the media around the outside of the air filter.  Either clean the pre-filter media with a vacuum or replace the filter when needed.

Austin allergy machine HEPA filter
Credit: Allen-Douglas

Remove the HEPA filter.  Remember that this is a medical-grade HEPA filter capable of fiiltering bacteria and germs.  Any germs that are on the hands can transfer inside the filter.

open air filter unit
Credit: Allen-Douglas

The HEPA filter only sits in the bottom of the unit.  There are no separate seals or tracks to line up the filter.  The seal is built into the HEPA filter.

clean inside of air filter
Credit: Allen-Douglas

Clean the inside of the Austin Allergy machine with a vacuum.  Make sure the end of the vacuum is sanitized to avoid transfer of germs to the unit.

Last, replace the pre-filter media around the outside of the unit.  Put the HEPA filter back in place.  Put the bottom back on the machine and tighten the screws holding the bottom in place.