Emu Boots Aurora (30039)

Emu boots are this season's hip alternative to Ugg Boots. Reputed for their durability - both in the fashion stakes and in terms of giving years of lasting service, by taking good care of your Emu boots, there is no reason why they should not last you for many years to come.

Caring for sheepskin boots does require a little bit more time and effort than caring for regular suede or leather boots. I will show you how to clean and maintain the care of your Emu boots to ensure they last for seasons to come.

Here's my guide on cleaning and caring for Emu Australia Boots:

Things You Will Need

Emu Protector and Cleaner Kit - The Kit contains stain and water repellent, Emu cleaner and conditioner (all in one), a cleaning block and a nylon bristle brush)
Your boots

Step 1

To clean and prepare new boots:

Before you wear them outdoors, it's really important you treat your boots with the Sheepskin Water and Stain Repellent. This is going to help them last, prevent water marks when it rains or snows (or you step in a puddle) and keep your feet dry through the winter.

Spray your new boots with the Emu Australia Stain and Water Repellent, until they are wet, but not soaked through. This is easy to see on paler shades, which will darken with the saturation.

Leave to dry for at least 24 hours. Do not leave to dry by a radiator or in the direct sunlight as this can cause hard patches and fading, which is not a good look. The spray will leave a protective layer that helps keep out oil and dirt and make it easy to remove in future.

Brush gently with the suede brush against the direction of the sheepskin to raise the 'nap' (texture) of the boot.

Your boots are ready to wear - enjoy!

Step 2

To clean old Emu boots:

Take the brush that comes in the Care Kit. Brush off any visible dirt or stains. Take the eraser block and rub any stubborn marks while the boots are still dry.

Wet the outside of the boot thoroughly with cold water. (You may think hot will be better, but it will just harden your boots, so don't be tempted).

In a bucket, dilute down some of your Emu Australia Cleaner and Conditioner in water. Rub the boots with a soft cloth or sponge.

Risne the boot well with cold clean water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, or you'll end up with patches on your boots. When the water coming off your boots is clear, you're done.

Dry the boots off with a clean towel to remove the excess water.

Stuff your boots with newspaper or cardboard, and leave to dry naturally. Do not leave to dry by a radiator or in the direct sunlight as this can cause hard patches and fading.

When dry, give the boots a good brush to raise the nap.

Once dry, use the water and stain repellent (see step 1) to protect your now-clean boots. If the boots feel hard, use the brush to soften down the nap.

Tips & Warnings

Never put your Emu boots in the washing machine.
Never let your Emu boots dry artificially (i.e. with a hairdryer or by a radiator).
Always use the manufacturers own cleaning products.
Do not apply undiluted cleaner onto boots.

* Darker shades of Emu Bronte boots may stain when cleaned this way, so clean with a damp cloth instead.

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