Cleaning the Refrigerator

The refrigerator plays a major role in the kitchen; therefore, it´s very important to keep it clean. A refrigerator lets you to keep food, beverages, vegetables, fruits and other types of foods fresh; however, when handling food in and out of the refrigerator, there is a high risk of spilling some substance inside or outside the refrigerator. This may cause the fridge to look awful dirty and develop many bacteria.

From time to time, a refrigerator needs to be cleaned. The inside, including shelves, drawers, bins, etc., have to be washed from food spills and the outdated food has to be thrown out to prevent bacterial growth. You can keep your fridge clean and organized if you set a schedule to give it regular maintenance. Daily cleaning should be performed every time you get food in and out of the fridge; a thorough cleaning has to be practiced twice a year; and slight cleanings each time you buy new groceries.

Thorough Cleaning

Chose a day when you feel is most appropriate to do the cleaning and use a pair of gloves while doing the task. Take all the food out and temporarily store it inside a cool box or other types of food containers. While you do this, you might want to throw away spoiled food or food that has come out of date. Take all the shelves, drawers and bins out and place them to the side or take them directly to the kitchen sink for an exhaustive wash with soap and plenty of water.

 Open the front door wide open and scrub the interior with a sponge and antibacterial soap or any other kind of disinfectant. Make sure that all kinds of food stains that have spread out throughout the equipment are wiped off completely.

 Make another mixture of soapy water and start cleaning the outside of the fridge. Scrub the door and the outer edges around it. Clean the door´s handle and in between the handle and the door. A washcloth should wipe off the dirt off the sides of the fridge and don´t forget to wipe off all the dirt underneath the equipment.

Organize Food

When completing the cleaning task, put all the food items back inside. Place meats and cheese into the deli tray; however, if the meats need longer cooling storage, place them inside the freezer. Put fruits and vegetables in the produce drawers. If your fridge has only one produce drawer, use a clear plastic container for either the fruits or vegetables. All beverages, including milk, juices, and sodas can be placed on the adjustable bins. You can adjust these bins to a given height to sort small, medium or large bottles.

 Dairy products can be placed on the top shelf or inside other glass containers to avoid spills and contamination. Jarred food, such as salad dressings and other condiments, which can tolerate continual changes of temperature due to constant closing and openings of the door, can be placed inside the compartments in the front door.

Cleaning Maintenance

After the job has been completed, you continue maintaining the neatness of your refrigerator by wiping off food spills each time they occur, and make sure you rinse the place of the spill thoroughly with soap and water. Throw away the expired food products once a week or more often if you can. The food products that most often become damaged are meats and dairy products, but you may also check fruits and vegetables.

 Make it a habit to wipe off shelves, trays and compartments every time you shop new groceries. Clean thoroughly your refrigerator two times per year. Organize all the food, so that you may find food items easily, placing similar things together, such as meats and cheeses in one shelve, drinks in another, etc.