In this article we will discuss how to clean and repair wood floors if they occur water damage. Having a flooded floor does not always mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on replacing the floor.

You have worked hard just to invest in a good wood floor for your home. And then the storm comes, the river overflows or some pipes burst causing your beautiful wood floor to be water damaged. Now, you are left with puddles of water on your wood floor and you are faced with a major cleanup and repair project. Before you panic, you should know that you can clean and repair wood floor after water damage without actually replacing everything that has been touched by water. Here are some easy steps and tips that can help you salvage your house's beautiful wooden floors.

It is important that you know that water and wood flooring do not mix. This knowledge should lead you to the first step; that is, to mop up any standing water puddles on the floor. You can use a rag or a mop to wipe up any water puddles caused by the leaks or flood. This is because you want to dry the wood flooring as soon as possible since the longer it stays wet, the more damage that can be inflicted. After you have mopped up the standing water puddles, it is now time to do some cleaning.

Use soap or cleaning oil on a sponge or rag to wipe off the wood floor, keeping in mind that you are applying the cleaning agents evenly. If some wood floor water damage areas are already too ruined for salvaging, throw the wood parts out. After you have cleaned the area with soap or oil, you can now focus on the most important part – drying.

Drying wood floor after water damage is the most important part of repairing since you would want to remove all the accumulated moisture from the wood materials. If moisture is allowed to set in for long, then irreplaceable damage might ensue. Not only that but moist wood will surely decay over time and can even bring disease and sickness to the house's occupants. The best way to dry is by allowing open air circulation through the wooden floors. Open windows and doors, turn on dehumidifiers and fans. If you do not have enough fans, you can even rent industrial fans just to aid in the wood floor drying process.

After the wooden floor has thoroughly dried, you can do some wood slat or panel repairs and replacements if needed. You can also put on carpeting after you have made sure that your wooden floor is already clean and dry in and out.