So many dirty games. Let's see what else we have here in the box o' games. Wait, what the hell is that bright orange thing?
Game box
Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden? HELL YES, I LOVE NINJA GAIDEN. It's even in a dust cover! Somebody took care of this one; we probably won't have to clean this one at all! Let's take off the cover and take a better look at it.

Ninja Gaiden Marker

AW HELL NAW! Why did he have to write his name on it? Why in permanent marker? WHHHHYYYY??? Whew, calm down, just a little sharpie--since this label is laminated, we can take care of this easily. All we need is a Q-tip or two and, you guessed it, Windex. If the label is unlaminated paper, then you're screwed, sorry. :(

Things You Will Need

1. Windex
2. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser (Around $4 at Wal-Mart)

Step 1

Marker on label

Dab the q-tip in windex, and start rubbing it over the marker in short, controlled strokes. Be patient, this is going to take a little while. Rub

firmly, but gently.

Half gone
See? The marker is already starting to come off of the label--we'll be done in no time.
Cleaned Label
And after another minute or so, it's completely gone!

Step 2

k, that was easy enough. No more marker on the label. Now let's pop it in and see if it works.
Marker on side
Wait a second, he put his name on the side too? Anywhere else?
Marker on back
DAMN, JOEY! WE KNOW IT'S YOURS ALREADY! The little punk probably wrote it on the inside of the game too. Alright, let's get to it. Getting marker off of the rough plastic isn't going to be as easy as the smooth label--windex isn't going to cut it this time. After trying alcohol, googone, clorox wipes, plastic polish, brasso, and countless other things, I've found that Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser seems to work pretty well. You can get them for around $4 at walmart or walgreens or wherever.

Step 3

Wet the eraser and rub it firmly over the marker. The marker should start to come off after a minute or two of working on it. Make sure not to get the eraser on the label, or it will become discolored and start to peel. This picture was taken about two minutes into cleaning.

Half off
This next one was taken about twenty five seconds into cleaning the side.
Side half off

Step 4

Clean (17595)

After you've rubbed off the marker, wipe down the cartridge with windex or water and dry it.

And there we are! Game is as good as new, marker free, and works perfectly. Removing the marker makes the game nicer to look at, and the collector's value of a clean game is much higher than a dirty one. That's all there is to it! This method will also work for marks on the controllers and the system itself.
Ninja Gaiden Menu Screen

Tips & Warnings

The method used on the label is for laminated or plastic labels only--do not attempt to remove marker from regular paper labels.

Be very careful not to get the Magic Eraser on the label, it may cause discoloration and/or peeling.

Make sure the cartridge is completely dry before using.