Cleaning up large amounts of bird and pigeon droppings can be a risk to ones' health. Many people are not aware if the diseases the droppings can cause humans such as histoplasmosis. This disease is transmitted by humans breathing airborne fungus spores from the soil that has been contaminated by the droppings. Most people do not develop symptoms and others only develop mild flu-like symptoms. Occasionally, a high fever is experienced as well as pneumonia and even death. There is a certain procedure that should always be followed when cleaning up large amounts of droppings in order to keep safe and decrease the chances of becoming ill.

Things You Will Need

You will need to have a respirator that filters particles as small as 0.3 microns, a pair of shoe covers, protective eye wear, gloves, hat, and cover-alls. You will also need a broom, plastic trash bags and ties, a large scraper, a large dust pan, and a hose with running water.

If you are only cleaning up a small amount of bird droppings you will require the same equipment, however can use a regular face mask if you desire and can use a spray bottle filled with water instead of a hose.

Step 1

After you have suited up in the protective clothing, eye wear and respirator, you will need to use the hose and wet all of the bird droppings. Be careful not use the hose on high force as you do not want the droppings or the particles of the droppings to back fire towards you. The reason for wetting the droppings is so dust and particles are not stirred up when you are bagging them up in the plastic bags.

Step 2

Once the droppings are wet, you need to sweep them into small size piles. If the dropping begin to dry out, lightly mist them with the hose again. Once you have the droppings in piles, take a plastic trash bag and lay it on the ground up against a pile of droppings. With the large scraper, push the pile into the bag. Continue doing this with the remaining piles. Be sure to tie each bag with a bag tie.

Step 3

Rinse the brooms bristles off with water. If you want to keep the broom for future use, it should only be used for bird droppings. Tie a plastic trash bag around the end of the broom with the bristles and keep it outside. Never use the broom inside your home. It would be best to throw the broom out. Rinse off the dust pan and scraper. Bag these up and keep them outside as well. Only use for future bird dropping clean-up.

Step 4

Take all of the tied bags to the outdoor trash receptacles. With the respirator still on, remove all of the protective clothing and dispose of it in plastic trash bags. Launder the clothes you wore by themselves and not with other laundry. Wash the clothing on the hot water setting. Be sure to shower immediately after you are finished.

This procedure should always be followed when cleaning bird and pigeon droppings. The risk is serious as to the diseases and illnesses that can be contracted if not using these precautions.

Tips & Warnings

Never use your vacuum to clean droppings. Only clean bird droppings on a day that it is not windy outside. You need to prevent and avoid the dropping particles from becoming airborne.