keyboard 2

Do you ever get tired of those nice little crumbs that get lodged in your computer keyboard? Here are a few great ways to thoroughly clean your keyboard and get all the crumbs out--once and for all.

The easiest way to clean out your computer keyboard is to shut the computer down, take the keyboard upside down and shake it out. Shake it back and forth and see if you can rattle some of those loose crumbs out of your keyboard. This should get a good portion of the debris out from your computer keyboard.

Now try taking a cue tip and cleaning in between the keys. This should dislodge some of the dirt stuck in between the keyboard of your computer, and remove some of the dust.

Perhaps the best way to get the remaining dirt out of your computer keyboard is to use a can of compressed air and spray the keyboard. Spray from the top down slowly in between all of the keys on your keyboard to make sure you get all the dirt. This should place most of the dust at the base of your keyboard and make it easy to remove.

Finally take a small damp cloth and clean the sides of the computer keyboard. This will take off anything sticky that might have remained on your keyboard. Now your computer keyboard should be clean and fully functional!

If at first you don't succeed, try giving your keyboard a few cleans. You may have to take some of the keys out, or look for some professional keyboard cleaning products.