Cleaning your watch is not an action that you be rushed or treated lightly. Care is needed to avoid damaging your timepiece.

Following these few simple steps can have your watch looking great in a short space of time and can also save you the cost of professional cleaning.

This article will only advise on how to clean the outside of the watch. You are strongly advised to never attempt to clean the inside of your watch yourself. Always take your watch to a professional for cleaning of the movement and other internal pieces of your watch.

This process should never be used on a leather, alligator, crocodile, rubber or any other kind of non metallic strap.

Things You Will Need

To clean your watch, you should gather the following items.

A bowl of professional jewelry cleaning fluid which can be found online or at most local jewelers.

An alternative to cleaning fluid is warm soapy water, but great care must be taken in selecting soap that does not contain chemicals that may harm your watch.

Non-abrasive cleaning cloth. Be sure not to use a rough material cloth that may scratch or affect the surface materials of your watch.

A bowl of clean water.

Soft bristle brush.

Soft tissue.

Step 1

Carefully immerse the bracelet of the watch into the bowl of jewelry cleaning fluid. Take great care not to get the main casing of the watch in the fluid. Keep the bracelet in the fluid for 20-30 seconds and then carefully remove.

Step 2

Place the watch on the soft tissue and carefully clean the bracelet with the soft bristle brush. Use gentle strokes over the surface of the links and the clasp.

Step 3

Once satisfied that you have thoroughly cleaned the watch bracelet, dip the bracelet into the bowl of clean water for 5 seconds or so to remove any excess cleaning fluid and dirt that may still be present.

Step 4

Inspect the watch and if you are satisfied the bracelet is clean, dry it using the tissue, carefully dab to dry rather than wipe to avoid any tissue caught in the links.

Step 5

Next, get a corner of your polishing cloth, dip it in the cleaning fluid and very carefully wipe around the case of your watch. Make sure the corner of the cloth is very lightly damp, squeeze any excess fluid out before starting to clean the case.

Step 6

Carefully brush around the case and dial of your watch. Be very certain not to let excess cleaning fluid stay on the watch or get near the crown (the winder located side of watch) or any other pushers etc. If any type of fluid or water gets into the watch, it will damage the movement. Even watches with water resistance are not 100% water proof and even professional cleaning fluids may contain chemicals that may damage the water resistance gasket on the watch.

Step 7

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of the case, clean off any excess dirt or fluid with a lightly damp tissue as described earlier with regards to the bracelet.

Finally, take your jewelry polishing cloth and complete the cleaning of your watch.

The process described above is not a substitute for professional cleaning by a trained watchmaker.

When choosing to clean your watch, you should take great care and always use better judgement. If you are in doubt, take your watch to a professional.

After completing this process, your watch should be looking better for your effort and care.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure to avoid getting fluid into the main case of your watch.

Be sure to use only professional jewelry cleaning fluid if at all possible.