Colon Cleansing is Good for the Body and Skin

For clear radiant skin and overall health


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One way to get radiant skin is to clean your body from free radicals and toxins that could be one cause of skin problems. If you're feeling tired, irritable, sluggish, foggy headed, bloated, fatigued and listless and can't seem to get radiant skin due to pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, acne or other skin problems, it could very well be time to clean out the colon.

Toxins and free radicals that cause skin and health problems build up in the colon and if not properly cleaned regularly, mucous builds up allowing bacteria and parasites to form. This results in dry skin, skin rashes, pimples, acne, bloating, gas and increased weight gain as well as more severe digestive diseases, allergies, sleep disturbances, obesity and even cancers.

Follow these 7 steps to get a thorough natural colon cleansing and stay healthier for longer with radiant skin well into your aging years.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things you'll Need:

Desire to cleanse colon naturally

Whole grains, oats

Fresh fruits and vegetables



Some people recommend simply drinking clear liquids for a few days to detox the body. I prefer to add healthy nutrition since our bodies do a lot of work in a day and need healthy calories for energy so this is the method I prefer using. Try it and see for yourself if you don't feel better than you do today!

Step 1

Cleanse and detox the colon

To cleanse the colon naturally, plan to change your eating habits for at least one full week. Symptoms of dry skin, skin rashes, bloating, gas, irritability, sluggishness and increased weight gain can be caused by a build up of mucous and waste matter in the large intestine due to an improper diet of fried, greasy, high fat foods. Pick a date to get ready for a colon cleansing and buy your supplies.

Step 2

Include foods that will cleanse colon naturally

Avoid eating fatty foods, heavy foods, foods high in acid such as sauces, processed foods and refined sugars and sodas for one full week. Instead of those options, choose a diet high in fiber with oats, fish and lean proteins, nuts, beans, whole grains, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. This diet will encourage freer movement of the bowels and assist to cleanse colon naturally with detoxification. If you aren't moving your bowels at least once a day, start a detox soon. The longer you wait, the more harm your body is experiencing. You'll start to feel better after only one day of healthier eating and just wait until you keep doing it!

Step 3

Drink plenty of water

Plan to drink 10-16 8 oz. glasses of water a day to properly cleanse and detoxify the colon by using this flushing out the system method. Use filtered water or add fresh fruit to flavor the water if you don't like the taste of water. Many people don't drink enough water because of the taste of tap water. A simple water filter system can be inexpensive on and will remove the sulfur and other bad taste of tap water.

Water is an optimum way to flush the body of toxins as well as to reduce the symptoms of constipation, bloating and will improve dry skin, skin rashes, bloating, gas and weight gain while the body is detoxing. You'll also notice better sleep patterns the more you stay on your natural colon cleansing mission. Stay with it. I wrote How to Make Flavored Water and Save Money and think you'll like it for simple ways to enjoy more water in the diet.

Step 4

Add fresh fruits to your diet

Begin to feel relief of symptoms from a colon that is in need of detoxification after a week of eating a diet high in fiber, fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits are light to eat, loaded with water, anti oxidants and vitamins that not only taste great but, are so good for the body. You'll also begin to have more energy, better sleep with relief of allergy symptoms and abdominal bloating and discomfort. Shop for fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables to add variety to the diet as well as to save money, or try to grow your own fresh produce in a small garden. Resume more regular eating habits after one week of colon detoxification.

Step 5

Reduce weight gain

Notice how the body feels after resuming regular eating habits after a natural colon cleansing. If you are able to repeat the colon cleanse naturally process again, repeat it once a week every month until your body has less pain, bloating, swelling, gas, sluggishness, irritability, dry skin, rashes, allergies and weight gain. Add daily detox gel caps as an additional way to keep the body clean and running smoothly.

Step 6

Detox to health and wellness

Try to eliminate or severely reduce fried, fatty, heavy foods from the diet as well as refined sugars, heavy meats, acidic foods and processed foods to keep the colon clean and detoxed on a regular basis for overall health and wellness. We only get one body so start to take notice when you eat certain foods how they make you feel. If it's not good and energized afterwards, make simple changes with healthier options and you'll see and feel the difference.

Step 7

Add exercise

A regular exercise program will help to keep the colon functioning properly as you move more. Find any exercise that you enjoy and can continue doing. Add new exercise routines to add variety and to avoid boredom and to avoid your body getting used to certain movements. Variety is the spice of life and you'll find you begin to get clear, radiant skin as an added bonus.

 Tips & Warnings

  • Know your body and how much you can push yourself to cleanse colon naturally

  • Seek professional medical advice for chronic constipation, gas, bloating, weight gain, sluggishness, allergies, pain or abdominal swelling.

  • Moderation in the diet is key to a properly functioning colon.

  • Use only natural products if detoxifying with pills, liquids or supplements

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