Pendulum Dowsing Tips

People interested in more esoteric matters, or the occult, sometimes use pendulum dowsing to divine answers to questions. Pendulum dowsers are made from a weight (often a crystal) suspended from a chain or piece of string. There are certain rituals involved with pendulum dowsing, that are meant to be carried out for the dowsing, or divining, to be successful. For instance, before using the pendulum for dowsing, the pendulum weight should be cleansed, or cleared. Here is an explanation of how to cleanse and use a dowsing pendulum:

How to cleanse a dowsing pendulum weight:

To cleanse a pendulum weight, immerse it in a bowl of sea salt. Make sure it is fully covered and let it stay in the salt for 24 hourse. After the 24 hours is up, wash and dry the weight before use. The sea salt is thought to absorb the energy that is left in the weight. Cleansing it in this way leaves the weight free to accept a new charge.

Another way to cleanse dowsing pendulum weights is to wash them alternately in hot and cold water. After doing this three times you should dry it before use.

A third method for clearing pendulum weights is to bury them beneath a plant. Once buried, you should leave the weight for 24 hours before digging it up. Again, wash and dry the weight before using it. The plant is thought to draw out any energy left in the weight.

How to use a dowsing pendulum:

Bless your pendulum before you use it. The pendulum will answer your questions by rotating either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Otherwise it may rock backward and forward or swing from side to side. You now need to practice with your dowsing pendulum to find out how it answers questions for you in particular. 

Rest your elbow on a table. Hold the string, or chain, on the pendulum near the top so that it hangs down over the index finger of your raised hand. Keep your thumb on the pendulum's string, or chain, about 1/2 inch down from where it hangs over your index finger on the back of your hand. Let the dowsing pendulum hang about 1 inch over the table.

Now ask the dowsing pendulum what it's answer will be for 'yes.' Use your own words to ask the question. Come up with phrasing that feels right for you. Note which way the pendulum moves. This will be how it answers your questions in future. If you are not getting a strong response, repeat several times until you are sure of the pendulum's movement in reply to your question.

The dowsing pendulum can make four different moves for four different answers. Repeat the process that you followed to find how it will answer 'yes' three more times. Ask the pendulum how it will answer when it means 'no,' 'don't know' and 'chooses not to answer.' Now you can ask the dowsing pendulum questions and understand how it is answering.


Ask the dowsing pendulum unambiguous questions for best results.