Does your baby have his or her first cold? Are they so congested you think they can't breathe? You don't want to give them medicine because most baby medicines are not recommended for under the age of two years. You feel helpless and scared. I know I did when my baby got his first cold. This is a simple "how-to" guide using simple products to clear the congestion out of your babies passages. Trust me, it works!

Things You Will Need

There are only three main things you will need to get the job done. You will need the plain simply saline for baby. Here is a photo of exactly what I used for my baby. It is available at any drugstore and also at Wal-mart.

Baby Saline Photo

This is a sterile saline nasal mist. It moisturizes the inside of their little noses and the tip is small to fit comfortably up to their tiny passages. It is guaranteed infant safe and does not damage delicate nasal tissue. It's also preservative and drug free. You will also need a standard suction bulb to get the "junk" out of baby's nose. The last thing you will need in a humidifier. These work wonders in themselves, but use them all together and it is just wonderful. The humidifier I use is a Vicks, filter-free style. I would recommend the filter-free style because you don't ever have to worry about buying and replacing expensive filters.

Step 1

This is what you do. Sit your baby upright and gently spray some of the nasal mist in both of the nasal passages. Gently lay your baby on your lap with their head slightly tilting downward for about 10 seconds to let the spray get deep in the passages.

Step 2

Lay your baby down on a soft surface and within about a minute they will sneeze. This is when you take the opportunity to suction as much "junk" out of there with your suction bulb. Be careful not to stick the top of the suction bulb too far in baby's nose. Squeeze the bulb to retract everything from the nose and discard the "junk" in a paper towel and throw it away. Clean the bulb with mild soap and water.

Step 3

This is where the humidifier comes into play. Set the humidifier up on a table or stand close to where baby is sitting and especially where they are sleeping. Sleeping beside a humidifier will greatly help to clear up baby's stuffy nose. I always keep it on the highest setting to make sure the most moisture is coming out for my baby to breathe. You will notice a definite change in your baby's breathing patterns. Keep this up for a couple of days to let the cold run it's course. This is more natural way of doing things instead of resorting to medicines all the time. Your baby will be feeling much better and so will you.

Tips & Warnings

*If your baby doesn't sneeze after you spray, it is okay. Everything is still working and you can continue to the next step.