A baby's nails have to be clipped frequently for safety reasons. Nails can make them scratch their skin. Unclipped nails can also have germs underneath which may cause an infection with scratching. Clipping your infant's nails has to be done often so it's wise to learn how to do it the right way.

Things You Will Need

baby nail clipper,
cotton ball,
bathed baby,

Step 1

Get a cotton ball and apply some alcohol on it. Now wipe the cutting edge of the clipper with the alcohol cotton ball. This will sanitize the baby nail clippers to prevent infection.

Step 2

Sit your bathed baby on your lap to be comfortable. It's better to clip baby's nails after the bath because the nails will be soft and so it will be easier for them to clip. Keep the baby comfortable. So if you think that lying her down would be better then do that instead. The less she squirms the better.

Step 3

With your thumb and index finger grab the baby's fingernail that you'll start with. Get your baby nail clippers and use the bottom of the clipper end to push the baby's finger in. This will only be pushed slightly and it will expose more nail. To get more nail clipped you can also use your own finger to push down on the baby's finger tip.

Step 4

Clip that fingernail tip with the nail clippers parallel to your baby's finger. If you go in at an angle you can clip the skin and cause damage. Carefully clip each fingernail including the toes. Do not try to make a curve for the new cut nail with the clipper. Just keep it straight. The baby clipper has a slight curve anyway to keep with the nature curve of the nail. Clipping extra curves may cause the nail to be ingrown so clip it straight.

Step 5

Keep clipping each finger nail including the toes. Make sure that you have a good grip when you do the toes especially because babies can move a lot and that can cause injury with the nail clipper. Be careful and take your time. Continue to clip your baby's nail's every few days to keep them tripped and healthy.

Tips & Warnings

Each infant is different find what's most comfortable to keep her from being fidgety.
Clip the nails when baby's asleep just make sure there is plenty of light so that you can clearly see where you are clipping.
Do not press down on the clip unless you're certain that it won't cut skin.