The classic game of Monopoly is the most successful board game in American history. Now available in editions around the world and online, fans still love to Pass Go and Collect $200 again and again.

The hobby of collecting classic stock certificates (Scripophily) is growing as the world moves away from tangible certificates and exclusively to digital records.  Old stock certificates are not only pieces of tangible history but works of commercial art too.

Recapture history by combining classic Monopoly with the fun of collecting classic stock certificates to match. Classic stock certificates can be obtained from a number of online stores.

The Monopoly Board is largely set in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the 1930's. Most of the streets have (or had) real life counterparts in the seaside vacation magnet. To collect Monopoly stock certificates, start with the companies named on the Monopoly Board and then expand your collection as you see fit.

===Take a Ride on the Reading===

There are three actual real life railroads in the Monopoly game and they were all public companies so collecting the railway stock certificates is easy and affordable. You will want to look for:

The real Reading Railroad was originally called the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad. It latter became the Reading Company before being acquired by Conrail in 1976. Interestingly, Reading is supposed to be pronounced 'Redding'. Reading stock certificates should be easy to find in good condition.

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O for short) operated for more then a century before merging in 1963 with Chessie which grew to become today's CSX. The century of operating history produced many attractive B&O stock certificates.

Pennsylvania Railroad remains a popular name among model railroaders but the actual Pennsylvania merged with New York Central in 1968 to become Penn Central, before becoming part of Conrail and now Norfolk Southern Railway. For many years the PRR was the largest railroad in the world by traffic. Many attractive stock certificates up to 1968 are available for your collection.

===The Short Line Problem===

There was no real railroad called the Short Line. A short line is actually a class of railroads with limited length of track connecting industries or larger railroads. Some reports indicate that the Short Line on the Monopoly board was actually supposed to represent a streetcar line or a bus company. Another short line railway from the period like the Cleveland Shortline Railway Company would make a good stand in.


The Atlantic City Electric Company was the real electric provider to the homes and hotels in Atlantic City. Acquire a stock certificates for it, or some stand in like the American Electric Light Company.

The real Waterworks in Atlantic City was and still is city owned so you can't buy a stock certificate for Waterworks. Substitute a 1930's era water utility from elsewhere like General Water Works and Electric Corporation or go for the Atlantic City Gas Company instead.

===Other Components ===

Building hotels is an important part of winning in the Monopoly board game. Since Atlantic City has a long history of hotels and casinos, there are a number of collectible stock certificates to represent the hotels on the board.  For example the grandly named United States Hotel Company operated in the 1890 in Atlantic Cityand it is possible to buy the company's old stock certificates. Search out other Atlantic City connected hotel companies to complete your Monopoly hotel collection.

What would Monopoly be without the Bank? Who would pay you the $200 for Passing Go? Find a suitable bank stock like 1st National Bank of New Jersey to represent the banker.

The Atlantic City Casino and Steamboat Company certificate would make a nice addition to the Monopoly stock certificate collection since one of the classic tokens is a steamship and some of those hotels on the board must contain casinos for many a Monopoly player has gambled to success or failure.

Hasbro is the current owner of the Parker Brother's brand. You can easily get a live stock certificate for Hasbro from

What other certificates can you find that tie in with the classic game?

There are no hard and fast rules - build your Monopoly Stock Certificate collection any way that makes sense to you.

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