Easter is a time of fun for the children in any home.It is also the most important celebration of any religious event, the time of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore we all need to share this very special time with family and friends together.






Easter eggs were adopted as a symbol of Jesus Christ's resurrection, and form part of the Easter Sunday traditions.








Here are a couple of simple ways for children to have their own fun creating novelty Easter eggs.







Requirements needed





·Food Coloring





·White vinegar





·Measuring spoons and a cup





·Hard boiled eggs




















·Your own decorations





·Paper towels






Place the required number of eggs into a small saucepan. (The less empty space reduces the chance of eggs breaking) It is best to select fresh eggs kept at room temperature not out of the fridge. Simmer the eggs for five minutes then leave in saucepan to cool.This will insure that they are hard boiled. Use the paper towels to lay eggs on to dry.






Dyeing Eggs





Using a saucepan add one teaspoon of vinegar and cover eggs with water. Now add the food color of your choice, the more you add the darker it will be. Now boil as above. If using natural items peels or similar allow more room in saucepan for movement.






Natural Dyeing





You can also use natural things to dye your eggs here are a few suggestions:





For a Pinkish color - Fresh beets, canned cherries or frozen





For a yellow color - Turmeric, ground cumin, lemon peels, orange peels,





You could also use spices, cabbage, spinach and many other things or decorate with acrylic craft paints









Hope you all have fun creating your special eggs for Easter.








Sponge Painting eggs









Use a little piece of sponge and dip into the acrylic craft paint.Let that color dry then add another color.You could use a toothbrush so as not to get paint on hands, although the acrylic craft paint is washable.













Easter Bunny Basket






Now that you have all those eggs decorated you need to find a basket.Now I suppose you want instructions to decorate a basket.





Ok, this one is just a five minute special, for those mothers that have left it until the last minute.









Requirements needed














·White paper





·Pink stencils





·White cotton wool balls





·Craft glue









The size of the bunny ears will depend on the height on the sides of the basket. Cut out a round piece of paper for the rabbit face. Draw two eyes and nose and mouth on this.Now cut out two pieces of paper in the shape of bunny ears.Color the centre of each ear pink. Now using the craft glue, stick the ears onto the face when dry glue the bunny head onto the side of the basket so that only a small bit of his ears stick above the side.









Now glue one cotton ball each side of his face, to make it look like his feet.If you are really keen you could cut out several of these and glue all around the basket.Or like me you may just want to do one on either side of it.









Another idea for the kids to make are some Bunny ears


Whatever you decide have fun trying out some or all of these little ideas, and have a really happy Easter.