Worldwide, tattoos have long since been a form of adornment and a rite of passage. Today tattoos have become such an integral part of our daily lives. Once only those who live just outside of mainstream American values wore tattoos. Now it is accepted as a normal way to adorn oneself and everyone is doing it. We cover ourselves with everything from cute little butterflies to massive works of art. The tattoo artists of today are compared to the likes of famous artist. While traditionally tattoos have been done primarily in black ink creating an outline having only certain places filled in. Today there has been a trend toward full color tattoos more than ever before. Have you ever wanted to know just how tattoo artists produce those colorful works of art?

Step 1) Draw a design and transfer it to the skin by using thermo graphic paper and moisten the skin with soap and water.

Step 2) Start using the white and your lighter colors. They are easier to blend and it helps keep to
down any possible cross contamination between colors.

Step 3) Fill in with small tight circular motions to cover the skin and work up to the black outline. Try using crosshatching where you move the needle in one direction and then in the opposite
direction to get the best possible fill in.

Step4) Use paper towel to dab the blood and excess ink as you work.

Step 5) As the blood appears, use Vaseline to help with blood flow and keep the skin soft.

Step 6) Keep your needle at a 45 degree angle while working and be sure to use to proper needle size for the project.