If you have just got the news from a friend that they have broken up with their partner, here are some things that you could say to help and comfort them. The first thing that you might want to say is that not to feel bad because if they feel hurt or unhappy, it is not because their partner dumped them it is because of themselves and only themselves can make them happy. You should tell them that the other person is not responsible for their happiness and that they can get along fine without them.

Some other things that you might want to say to comfort a friend after a break up is that they should still try and be friends with the person. Just because people break up does not mean that things have to be destructive and go sour. You can still remain friends with people and respect them, it is just time to move on. Breaking up is about letting go and finding out who you are. If you are breaking up with someone, it is time to do some more soul searching. If there is no chance of the relationship getting back together, then the truth remains that there is someone else out there for you, and even if you still believe in the relationship and it is not looking good at the present time, it is not meant to be at the moment, so the only thing that you can do as a person, or your friend, is to move on, until the time is right.

This is how to comfort a friend after a break up and these are some of the best things that you can tell a person. You could also encourage the person to do things and to get active so that they do not get depressed. Get them into other activities and possibly seeing other people. This is the best way to comfort a friend after a break up. If the person you are trying to comfort is really hurting after a break up and there is nothing that you can do, you have to leave them to get over it by themselves. If they cannot understand the things that you tell them with reason and logic, then they have to overcome their own hurdles by themselves. When someone breaks up with someone it should be a simple process to overcome if you have any self worth and self confidence. If a person cannot do that, they really have to find themselves and do it on their own.