Fancy pet rats who are sick are usually suffering from upper respiratory infections. You will know for sure when your pet rat becomes more listless, and if you ever see your rat's ribs moving quickly while it's at rest, you may indeed have a sick rat with a respiratory infection. If the vet isn't open until after the weekend and you have an ill fancy pet rat, you can use these holistic approaches to comfort your pet rat.

Things You Will Need

Dark chocolate

Vegetable broth

Vitamin C mix


Step 1

Get dark or semi-sweet chocolate and give your fancy pet rat a piece about the size of half a chocolate chip. The theophylline in dark chocolate can help open up the bronchial airways.

Step 2

Feed your sick fancy pet rat foods that are high in Quercetin. This includes onions, apples, blueberries and red cabbage. There are many other foods with Quercetin, so don't feel limited. Quercetin is a natural antihistamine that can help clear your pet rat's upper respiratory infection.

Step 3

Make sure your fany rat is drinking plenty of fluids. Vegetable broth can be fed as well, to encourage your rat to eat food and drink liquids.

Step 4

Give your pet rat Vitamin C. This can provide a boost to the immune system. I like mixing up Ester-C or Emergen-C packets and letting my rat drink it; this encourages more water consumption as well. This should be given in small amounts to avoid an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Step 5

Consider adding a humidifier to your rat's room. This can help clear air passages for easier breathing.

Step 6

Take your sick fancy pet rat to the vet as soon as the clinic opens. These are comfort treatments, not cures and respiratory infections in rats need to be treated with antibiotics.

Tips & Warnings

When you have antibiotics from the doctor, try tucking the pill inside of some melted chocolate. This encourages the rat to eat it.

Be careful of the chocolate you buy. If it says "chocolate flavored" it will not be any help to your rat.