This article is going to talk you through how to pull off a great prank with a parking violation 'fake' ticket - where you will convince your 'victim', that they are forced to pay a fine by law, that is .... until they read the small print.

First Step: Get Hold of a Fake Parking Ticket.

There are free downloads all over the internet - for letters and such, where you just have to fill in the simple relative details such as:

  • The local recognisable address, for the office that dishes out the tickets.
  • A local phone number to get in touch with.
  • Get the right 'city seal'.
  • Make sure that the date is for now.
  • Be specific about the offence caused - time over run.
  • Often a fine won't be a nice round number like $300, so make it more realistic like $357.89

Do all you can to make it as authentic as possible. Try getting a look at a real one and comparing it to your fake, to make sure you got all the details right.

However, if you want to go for real quality then I would suggest you make the purchase.

Head over to or amazon for a fake parking violation ticket.

That particular ticket I linked to includes the rather humorous offences of being fined for:

"Being a mentally handicapped driver, parking like a jackass, driving a hunk of crap, ugly driver violation, parking while being a real bitch, parking while being a fat pig, not driving an american car, parking too close to a REAL car, inventing a car park space" - From

Second Step: Implement the Operation 

Obviously, you need to wait until the victim has left the car so they won't see you placing the ticket (or get someone to do it for you, whilst you distract them).

Save it for a public place, they might obviously switch on too early, if you have done it whilst the car was parked in their driveway or garage.

Where as in a public place, such as a supermarket car park, they are more likely to be convinced.

If you are simply going for the letter strategy, again make sure it looks legit, trouble with this prank is you won't get to see their reaction. It is a great get back or April Fools, however.

Third Step: Watch them panic!

This is the bit you have been waiting for ...

To see their face when they get hold of the $357 fine.

(It might be a good idea to catch it on film.)

Then to only realise after reading the small print, that it was a fake all along ... and you were the one behind it all along -  and well and truly pranked them!

Please be sure to use it responsibly and on people who have a good sense of humour.

Good luck with your pranking.