Loving Couple CommunicatingCredit: dreamstime/image13827265

Trust is essential to the success of any relationship.  In fact, one could even say that trust is the most important element in any relationship.  With trust as the basis of your relationship, you can move mountains and dry up oceans; you can do anything.  Without trust, that relationship is already dead, you just don’t know it yet.  So here are a few tips to help you build trust in your relationship.

  1. Don’t lie to your loved one.  This tip should be a no-brainer but you’d be surprised, and not pleasantly either, how hard it is to follow this rule.  People lie and will give you a lot of reasons to justify their lies.  Some top excuses being ‘it’s just a white lie’, ‘well it’s not like he always tells the truth’ or ‘it’s for his own good’.  The truth is a lie is a lie.  Lying to your loved one will make him feel betrayed and will definitely not help you in building up the trust level of your relationship.
  2. Be trustworthy.  Trust is not something that is arbitrarily granted.  It is something that you earn, you work hard for it and you get it. It doesn’t just land on your lap.  To earn anyone’s trust, you have to be worth of it.  Making up excuses for your actions, treating your significant other carelessly or relegating your relationship and partner to the back burner are not the actions of someone who is trustworthy.  In a relationship, you want to enhance trust and support it at every turn.  By telling your lover what you will do and then doing it you reassure her that you can be trusted.
  3. Be honest about your emotions.  One of the most valued things in a relationship is comfort and security.  When you lie to your sweetheart about your feelings, your own comfort and security in that relationship is challenged.  This could lead to a lot of problems for you and your sweetie.  So, if you’re not okay with something in your relationship, say it, so it (and your resentment) doesn’t morph into a major problem later.  If your sweetheart cannot trust that you feel what you say you feel, how can you even talk of building trust in that relationship?
  4. Trust your partner.  The person you are in a relationship with is worth your love and your trust.  If he is not then leave that relationship.  But if you believe that your significant other is worth your love then trust him.  Do not become the crazy jealous spouse always spying on the other, trying to read cell phone messages and engaging in borderline stalking activities.  It will not end well.
  5. Make sure your sweetie KNOWS how much you care.  Do not assume that your loved one can read between the lines and see that you care about his happiness, tell them.  A major part of trust in a relationship is trust in its future.  We all need to know that our relationships are actually headed somewhere and that we’re doing fine.  If you don’t send this message to your lover, you’re doing yourselves a disservice and you might be pushing your partner away.
  6. Know what is important to your partner and support them.  A true partner shares all aspects of his partner’s life.  If your sweetheart sees that you are a partner in the things that are important to him, trust in every other form and aspects of your relationship will come easier and more readily.  Be each others number one cheerleader, it works wonders for a relationship.
  7. Never bring up old hurts in new arguments.  If you and your partner are having a disagreement, that is not a good to point out what he did three years back that hurt you.  If you have truly let go of what happened them let it stay in the past.  Bringing up old hurts makes your significant other feel like he is constantly being judged for mistakes of yesteryears and is always found wanting.  Trust cannot grow in such a climate.
  8. Be consistent.  Always consider how your actions and words will affect your loved one.  You can of course change your mind, but especially with the major things, discuss it with your partner so he can anticipate the changes and maintain an even keel in the relationship.  Changing your mind about important stuff everyday makes your loved one doubt you and this will undermine the trust in the relationship.

Trust is a very important component, without which any relationship is doomed to failure.  It is something that is to be nurtured and courted so bring trust into your relationship today and enjoy it more.