As the Internet has become more prominent in homes, the list of companies providing internet services has grown. Today most consumers living in metropolitan areas and large or medium-sized cities have the opportunity to get service from the company of their choice. This can be problematic for some individuals who have little computer or internet knowledge and struggle with knowing how to compare their internet options.

Things You Will Need

Internet Access

Step 1

Determine what type of service they provide. Dial-up, cable, DSL and satellite are all different types of internet service you can get. Cable and DSL provide faster services than dial-up and satellite making it faster to browse the internet. If you plan to stream music or movies through the internet to your computer, you'll want to a faster connection to avoid interruptions.

Step 2

Check to see what service is available to you. Most cities have multiple internet options for consumers making it easy for them to determine how fast they need the internet to be and how much they want to pay. However for homes and businesses in rural areas, options may be limited. Dial-up or satellite internet may be the only two choices available.

Step 3

Compare the price. Each company sets their own price for internet service with faster service often being more expensive. Some companies do provide discounts for customers that combine their internet service with other services such as a home phone, television cable or a wireless phone. You may find that you can bundle several services together and only pay slightly more for them than you would for just the internet alone.

Step 4

Ask about additional equipment and an installation fee. You can connect to dial-up internet by plugging your computer into your phone line and paying for the service with your build-in modem. However if you get DSL service you need a separate modem, which is sometimes supplied by the provider. You'll want to ask about this beforehand though as well any installation or setup fee they may charge to get you connected.

Step 5

Check their customer service ratings and reviews. If good customer service is important to you, make sure you find out what customers have to say about a specific company before you agree to use them as your internet provider. They may be great at selling the product but lousy at providing support for users with problems, and you want to steer away from this if you are someone who utilizes customer and technical support frequently when using your computer or similar types of technology.


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