People who enjoy reading no longer have to travel to their neighborhood bookstore to purchase the titles they want to read. Instead they can use the internet from the comfort of their home to shop thousands of titles from a variety of different retailers. No longer are they limited to the selection of what their local bookstore carries as they can access specialty stores that contain books geared towards their interests or beliefs. With all the bookstores that are available online, it's best for shoppers to know how to compare them in order to find the best deal on their next book purchase.

Things You Will Need

Internet access

Step 1

Examine the selection of books. In order to purchase books online, you must find a bookstore that offers them. Major book retailers such as Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble offer thousands of titles, both fiction and non-fiction, covering a wide variety of topics. However if you can't find the book you're looking for consider independent bookstores that specializes in a particular subject. You can find independent bookstores across the U.S. by visiting the IndieBound website.

Step 2

Compare the shipping rates. Each bookstore has a different price they charge to ship a book, and this often depends upon the weight of the book. Make sure when comparing prices for books through online bookstores you include shipping when determining the overall cost. This ensures you get the best price.

Step 3

Find out if they offer special deals or prices. Some online bookstores offer special deals, such as 10 percent off, on certain books during specific times of the year. Others reduce shipping costs or provide free shipping if you order more than one book or spend more than $25.

Step 4

Review customer service ratings. The internet makes it possible for people to share their opinions about companies through websites such as My3cents. By reading the reviews you can gain insight into the level of customer service the company offers.

Step 5

Read the return policy. It is important in the event that you receive the book damaged that you are able to exchange it or get your money back. The return policy should tell you what to expect if you return a book as well as how soon it must be reported.


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