Mission 10 - Waddle Squad is a fun mission in Club Penguin that features the return of Herbert the polar bear and even includes an appearance of the mysterious Golden Puffle. This guide will help you complete the mission.

Things You Will Need

Club Penguin
You will need to have finished the nine previous missions.

Step 1

Gary the Gadget Guy will brief you on a plan to capture Herbert the Polar Bear with a trap that is set. Herbert interrupts the plan with a transmission and the trap is revealed. Everything is going according to plan!

Step 2

Grab the solar panel from the box behind Gary ("G"). You will need it later.

Step 3

One of your team members is Jet Pack Guy. Go find him on the beach and help him repair his broken jet pack. He needs cream soda to make fuel for it. Go inside the lighthouse and pick up a barrel of cream soda and then bring it back to Jet Pack Guy. You will need to play a game where you divide the cream soda into the correct amounts. Click on the help message to get some good clues.

Step 4

Now go help Rookie in the Gift Shop. He is having a problem with the giant magnet. Click on the solar panel that you took from the box behind G and then click on the magnet. You will need to connect the colored dots. Look at the picture for the solution. When you finish the magnet will work again.

While you are in the Gift Shop click on the store clerk and help him with his mess. Click on the box, the table and the pile of clothes to get them. Then go outside and put them on the ground.

Step 5

First you need some rope so go to the dock and ask the guy fixing his boat for some rope. Then go to the Night Club and put the rope on the pulley. Click the red lever to set the trap and you will see that it's broken. Oh no! That's ok.. You are a highly trained secret agent penguin. Click on your spy phone and bring up your tools. Choose the wrench tool and use it to remove the panel on the pulley system. You need to win a game where you arrange all of the gears correctly to make the pulley work again. The answer is different for everyone but look at the picture of how I did it to get an idea of what you need to do.

Step 6

Your spy phone will ring soon and you will get a call from Jet Pack Guy who tells you that Herbert has been spotted at the dock. Go there and you will discover that it is a decoy. The crab is there with a cardboard cutout of Herbert and then he drops it and runs away. Your phone will ring again and it is Rookie who tells you that he spotted Herbert at the Night Club.

Step 7

Go to the night club and you will see Herbert stealing the Golden Puffle! Click on the lever to drop the cage on him. It falls on him but Herbert is strong and he throws the cage over his head. Your spy phone rings and it's G telling all agents to move in!

Jet Pack Guy and Rookie appear on the scene. Herbert holds onto the Golden Puffle which is held by Rookie's giant magnet. Rookie tells you he needs more light to make the magnet stronger, so click and drag the lights on the ceiling so that they all shine their beams on the solar panel.

The cage traps Herbert again and the magnet keeps him from moving it. G arrives to arrest Herbert. Rookie gives him a spy phone to make a call and Herbert uses it to escape.

G finds a packet of seeds on the ground which is a clue about the next mission.
The mission is over, get your medal and gift.
You can get more help and tips about the Club Penguin Missions and even videos of how to do them at my Club Penguin Secrets web site.

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