When considering the use of a remedy or natural remedies for anxiety attacks, careful attention should be paid as to what caused the attack in the first place. This is because most of the supplements, cures and treatments that are available for sale, often only alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and suppresses the actual anxiety attack, leaving the sufferer vulnerable to several more attacks within a short period of time.

It is also important to understand exactly what an anxiety attack really is as not everyone who has a lot of stress will have an attack and not everyone who has had an attack suffer from an overload of stress. Anxiety is the body's natural defense or reflex system which operates as an alarm to the body. This alarm calls all the adrenalin that is available into action which is normal but an anxiety attack is when the body responds to a threat that does not exist.

Natural remedies for anxiety attacks can easily be determined if the cause of the attack has been identified. One such cause and also the biggest reported cause is simply the process of learning. If for instance a person had been scared beyond control several times during the growing or learning period of their life, a small part of the brain called the amygdale responds by teaching itself to respond at regular intervals and to feel threatened in simple stressful situations. This means that the patient experiences extreme fear in an event where no threat is really detected.

This starts to affect the work life as well as the family life of the sufferer as they would ultimately try to avoid certain instances in order to avoid feeling that extreme fear. The symptoms of such an attack can be extremely overwhelming and debilitating and can control the life of the sufferer if the proper attention is not given to the cause of that specific attack.

The symptoms that are normally associated with anxiety and anxiety attacks can include breathlessness, shaking, racing heart, stomach tingling, blurred vision, dizziness, pins and needles in limbs, difficulty swallowing and chest pains. These symptoms are easily relieved as the attacks pass but the attacks can become more consistent and this could lead to chronic anxiety and the patient will eventually end in up the "greenhouse".

The most important natural remedies for anxiety attacks include simple vitamins and minerals that are also used for combating chronic ailments and other conditions. These vitamins and minerals should be a part of our every day diet because of all the related conditions that it may also relieve as well as all the other supplements that usually are derived from or administered along with the more important types of supplements. These include vitamin C, vitamin B vitamin E and Magnesium as well as a whole range of other minerals and supplements. All or most of the mentioned supplements can be commonly found in random items of food around the house as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. When the use of a natural remedy for anxiety is taken into consideration, the patient must also adapt a certain degree of lifestyle in order to maintain the effect of the medication.

Most common attacks are caused by stressful situations which should ultimately be bridged from everyday life or learnt how to dealt with in a controlled manner, this is done by teaching the mind in a subconscious state when and how to react properly to different situations. This is normally done through controlled hypnosis which in my opinion sounds a lot like brainwashing.

Natural remedies for anxiety and anxiety attacks can be commonly found in pharmacies or on a doctor's prescription but these supplements are sometimes harmful to several other parts of the body. Some of these supplements also need to be taken consistently to avoid the attacks from worsening or persisting in a more frequent manner. Therefore it is imperative that a lifestyle change be made to such an extent that normal everyday situations don't feel awkward or threatening.

There are several tips for such a lifestyle but most will only tell you to make time everyday to relax and have fun, to ensure that there is someone who supports you morally through the strains of everyday life and to take care of your body, keeping it fit and in shape. All these steps will already start to alleviate some of the stress. Along with this, one must never overload oneself with work and responsibility as each person knows what their own limitations are, therefore it is imperative that help be obtained when needed and not bravery.

The proven most effective types of natural remedies for anxiety is simply coming face to face with your fears and persisting. Specialists claim that the best type of therapy is to challenge the myths which cause the fear and to simply do what you must to survive the outcome of it. That does not mean that you should jump of a building to overcome your fear of heights but to simply challenge yourself by sitting on the edge of the roof.

This is simply one small example of a therapeutic method which worked for me. The fear does not only have to be from a fear but can also be derived from irritable beliefs as well as pessimistic attitudes or mental beliefs. These are mainly what cause the uncalled for stress in the subconscious and plays a huge role in anxiety attacks.

There are certain natural remedies for anxiety attacks which simply involve dietary supplements. The supplements are supposed to distract that part of the brain or to relax it overall. Other vitamins and minerals which are available for everyday use are also crucial for preventing attacks overall and can help chronic sufferers to overcome the condition altogether.

For chronic conditions that persist there are treatments that help the patient overcome their anxiety, in order to continue with their everyday life? Natural remedies for anxiety will always be more useful.