Helpful and Effective Steps to Help You and Your Partner Conceive a Boy


There are many helpful steps and techniques that claim a high effective rate of success for conceiving a boy. But how can you be so sure these methods really would give you the exact gender of your baby? Since there is no 100% guaranteed accurate gender selection methods, your efforts can be based on the theory which you can take advantage of, which in fact backed up with scientific methods. These helpful and effective steps are trusted and proven effective to choosing your baby's gender based on the theory that Y chromosome or the male sperm is quicker yet weaker than the X chromosome or the female sperm which is slower but resilient.

Here are some helpful and effective steps to help you conceive a boy:

  • Ovulation timing: when trying to conceive a boy, determination of the woman's ovulation period is vital. To make the process as accurate as possible, sexual intercourse should be done during the ovulation period and as close as possible. Timing is of utmost importance to give the boy sperm the edge to reach the egg first. Sex on the day of the ovulation period is advised since male sperm swims faster than girl sperm thus giving a greater possibility for the boy sperm to develop the egg when it is dropped.
  • Use a deep penetration position: the idea is to give the boy sperm a short distance travel to reach the egg to enhance its chances of fertilizing it since boy sperm easily dies off when exposed longer to an acidic environment. To give the boy sperm a higher chance of developing the egg, positioning the sperm closest to the cervix is advised thus deep penetration sexual positions are suggested such as the "doggy style" position.
  • Avoid acidic foods: boy sperm cannot live long enough when expose to an acidic environment thus providing it a friendlier area helps maximizing the chance of boy conception to be successful. Avoid foods that are highly acidic such as dairy products. Eating vegetables such as brocolli, potatoes, pumpkin and carrots provides a more alkaline environment which gives a friendlier environment for boy sperm. Controlling your PH level also helps lessen the acid in your body making the chances of boy conception a higher percent of success.

Conceiving a boy can be possible and achieve using these helpful tips which are not costly but safe and natural. These methods are proven effective when followed accordingly. A woman should know first when the exact time she ovulates since timing of sexual intercourse is a big factor of a successful gender selection. There are available helpful kits that detects ovulation period which you can purchase in your favorite drug stores. Never attempt to conceive unless you are sure of your ovulation period to avoid wrong gender conception.