If you would like to save some money on Hair Conditioning Products from the store, I learned this tip from my daughter. Without even thinking or reading her instructions first I used the Apple Cider Vinegar straight from the bottle. It definitely made my hair as soft as silk however I smelled like a salad for a couple hours. I wrote her an email and she naturally laughed at me and said I was suppose to dilute the apple cider vinegar with water and the smell would go away when my hair dried.

The next time I tried it there was a major difference and now I try to use her method of conditioning hair at least once a week. It strips the hair of all build up of shampoo, gels, mouse, sprays, etc. and brings back the body of your hair and natural curls if you have any. I was thrilled with the results and it only cost pennies to try it.

My daughter is a vegetarian and also makes her own deoderant, shampoo, cleaning solutions, etc. She also taught me something else that I never knew which is Clear Vinegar mixed with water makes a great all purpose cleaning product and that vinegar is also a disinfectant. It is amazing how much I have learned from her over past few years.

This is getting away from the subject of Apple Cider Vinegar but she has also convinced me to keep Tea Tree Oil in the house which has helped in healing any blemishes or irritations on my skin. It is also great for clearing up congestion when you have a cold by rubbing just a speck under your nose and on your chest.

Things You Will Need

The only items you will need is Apple Cider Vinegar, Clear Vinegar, Water, & Tea Tree Oil.Array

Tips & Warnings