If you are a member of any branch of the United States' Military, you may immediately be wondering how to exactly to conduct your military medal mounting. For the highly professional serviceman or woman, it is absolutely important that the way you dress, from the wear of your headgear to the care of your uniform and display of your medals and ribbon, is done with upmost pride in accordance with your service branches' standards and regulations.

Unfortunately, when it comes to accurate and precise military medal mounting, this can be the one part of servicemember uniform care and upkeep that can cause the most headache if not done correctly. The stress caused, whether founded or unfounded, is in direct relation to the fact that, whether a servicemember chooses to display their military ribbons or medals, each must go in a specific, pre-designated, order of precedence on their uniform. Correct medal mounting is certainly an important aspect of military uniform wear, and should be done in accordance with the service branch specific regulations.

Things You Will Need

Service record or Discharge Papers
Order of Precedence Chart
Uniform regulation or instruction
Medals Mounting Rack

Step 1

Before you actually begin to mount your United States' Military ribbons or medals, it is important that you determine exactly what medals you have been awarded and authorized to wear. For each award you have received, whether overseas or stateside, you will receive a medal and accompanying ribbon, that essentially represent the same thing, however they are used differently dependent on the uniform you choose to wear and the method of display.

In order to determine which medals you have been specifically awarded, you must obtain your applicable military service record from your unit of assignment. The administrative section, in your unit, will be able to easily and expeditiously help you acquire the necessary documents so that you know exactly what you have earned, have been awarded, and are entitled to wear for your military medal mounting. When acquiring this document, if you are a veteran, you will proceed to ask for your DD-214, which is your Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty.

Whether you are completing your Basic Training and AIT requirements, or you are returning from a year long deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan, a DD-214 document will have been constructed for you in order to accurately detail your accomplishments and other pertinent information. You will specifically look at Block 13, of your DD-214, in order to find the information regarding what awards and medals you are permitted to mount on your uniform.

Step 2

Your authorized military medals can be readily purchased from a variety of places, whether offline or online. While you can purchase your medals at your local base clothing and sales shop, which is usually attached to an AAFES shop, purchasing your military medals online can incur several benefits that may make it a more feasible option for your military medal mounting. Many companies online now offer military medal mounting services. Upon purchase of your medals, through their online store, they will typically afford you the opportunity to have your military medals mounted: a task that can be rather time consuming, although possible, if you had purchased and assembled them yourself.

Step 3

Purchasing your medals online, and further having that company mount them for you, will mean that you won't need the remainder of these steps in this article. While taking a bit more time to construct your medal mounting on your own, had you chosen to purchase your own military medals and mounting rack on your own, it would save you at least some money because most companies require a monetary mounting fee. In this case, there will typically be a small fee associated with each individual military medal or ribbon that you choose to have mounted. For those who have achieved many awards, this additional compounded cost can certainly add up easily.

Step 4

Had you not had an online company mount your military medals for you, you will have to determine the order of precedence, of all your awards, on your own. Fortunately, you have many resources that you can consult either individually, or collectively, in helping you to make this determination. For the best, most optimal, medal mounting, you should strongly consider referencing an online chart, or by looking in the specific uniform standard and regulation for your particular applicable branch of the military. Each military branch will have it own unique regulation that should be referenced.

Step 5

Once you have determined the medals that you are authorized to wear, and know the exact order of precedence that they should be displayed on your uniform, you can proceed to mount them on your mounting rack. When doing this, be sure to pay attention to what you are doing, so that you don't in advertently force or break any part of the medal or rack. Optimal care should be taken when doing this yourself. The time and patience that you put into your medal mounting will reflect the pride and professionalism that you have in both your uniform, as well as your service branch.

Step 6

When your military medal rack is assembled, you can now proceed to attach it to your uniform, in accordance with your service branch specific regulation. Typically, your medal rack will be displayed over your left uniform breastpocket, however, others, if retired, may decide to display miniature versions of these same medals in other places like their hat.
Displaying your military medals, ribbons, awards, and achievements is founded in deep tradition that many servicemembers are very proud of. When done correctly, these ribbons can be worn and displayed proudly for both citizens and servicemembers to see. Take pride in the care and upkeep of your uniform, and others will recognize the time and dedication you put into making your uniform as perfectly presentable as possible.

Tips & Warnings

Because damage to your military medals, or rack, could occur quite easily, it is highly recommend that you choose a professional online or offline medal mounting service. While this will incur an extra fee, it is absolutely important that every part of this process be done right, and in accordance with your service branch specific uniform standard.

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