Sony’s line of Playstation inspired portable gaming systems, known as the PSP (Playstation Portable), is capable of connecting to nearby Wi-Fi (wireless) networks. This lets you browse the internet on your PSP and also play games with other PSP users around the world through the Playstation network.

But what happens if you only have dial-up internet or another slower internet service such as satellite or DSL?  The good news is that you can get the PSP to connect to slow internet connections. While the connection may be slow, it is still better than nothing and lets you get online for web browsing but gaming may be slow or inaccessible at dial up speeds.

You’ll need to start off by getting a hold of a wireless router that specifically has a DB-9 COM port. What this does it allow you to hook up any standard home phone line (like those used with dial up modems) to the wireless router allowing access to the dial up connection without a wired connection to the PSP.

Picture of a Sony PSP handheld gaming device.Credit: By SElephant at zh.wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Hook up the wireless router to your dial up internet phone line and a power supply. Wireless routers vary widely in their functioning with dial up so you’ll need to consult the router’s manual for any specifics. 


Hook up any computer you have to the router (using the “To computer” port on the router). Turn on your PSP device and make sure the Wi-Fi slide switch is slid to the On position.


Go into your PSP’s network settings in the main menu on the screen. Choose the Scan option and let the PSP scan around for the wireless router. If you haven’t named the router on your computer it may show up as a public router or a series of numbers and letters. Select your router from the list of available networks.


Be prepared to wait a short time while the Playstation Portable connects to the wireless network. If you had previously secured the wireless network you’ll need to enter your network password when prompted. You’ll also need to wait for the dial up modem to receive a signal from the router which then triggers the modem to dial out for a connection to your service such as Juno, AOL, or NetZero.


You can also use this setup to connect other wireless internet devices like cell phones and PDAs to your home dial up internet service. Ideally you’ll want to connect to high speed wireless internet connections when available. Consider upgrading your home dial up internet to cable, fiber optics, or at least DSL for faster 21st century style internet speeds!