Make the Most of Your Console

There are a lot of gaming consoles that allow you to connect to the internet through them.  You need to do this to get extra gaming data or to connect your TV to internet TV services.  Regardless of the reason why you want to do this you should know how to do this.  Most people will connect their game console to their fixed line broadband connection.  However, other people connect them to MiFi dongles.  To do this you first have to know what is MiFi and how you can use it. Once you know what is MiFi you can connect your console and start using the internet. 

Why You Need the Internet?

You might be thinking that you do not have to connect to the internet at all.  The fact is that if you are looking at any newer games you may have to.  Certain console games like Call of Duty and Pokémon require multi player connections.  This can mainly be done through broadband connections which allow you to connect with players from other countries.  This massive online world allows gamers to connect with each other and work toward certain goals in the game that are not available to single players.

What is MiFi?

There are a number of game consoles including the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS that are portable and able to connect to the internet.  If you are going out but want to play your multiplayer game you will have to connect to the internet.  These devices do not have USB ports which make it impossible to use a normal mobile broadband dongle.  The MiFi dongle offers the perfect solution of getting onto the mobile broadband through a wireless connection. 

Of course if you are going to this you have to be very careful about monitoring your use.  Broadband deals that come with a MiFi dongle will have data allowance caps.  If you go over this cap you will be liable to rather heavy payments for excess broadband usage.

Connecting Your Playstation 3

Like the Xbox 360 there are two ways that you can connect the Playstation 3 to the broadband connection:

  • Wired – with this method you should have an Ethernet cable ready.  Once you have turned on the console you should make your way to the internet connection settings.  Select the custom option and then the wired connection option.  You will need to connect the Ethernet cable at this point before you select auto detect.  The Playstation will then test the connection and you should be connected to the broadband.
  • Wireless – to start you should turn on the console and from the main screen go to the network settings section.  You should ensure that the internet connection is enabled before you continue.  You then have to select the internet connection settings menu and go to the custom selection.  You should then select wireless and scan.  Your wireless connection should be listed and you simply have to select this.  When prompted enter your password and then test your connection.  You should then be connected to your broadband.

Connecting Your Xbox 360

One of the most popular consoles is the Xbox 360.  This console is able to connect to the internet in two ways and that is wireless and wire.  It is best that you find out what to do to connect this console using the different methods.

  • Wired – to connect to the internet with a wired connection you will have to have an Ethernet cable.  You should turn the console on and go to the settings and system section.  Once you reach the network settings you should plug your Ethernet cable in and select the configure network option.  The network should be automatically detected and the Xbox will connect.  A network test will be completed and then you should be able to use the internet with the console.
  • Wireless – the first step in this connection is checking that you’re able to connect wirelessly.  If you have an older Xbox you will need a wireless adaptor but newer models have the connection built in.  You will then have to turn the console on and go to the settings area of the dashboard.  From there you should go to the system area.  Under system settings go to the network settings and scroll through the connections until you find your wireless connection.  You will be prompted for the password for the connection and then the Xbox will complete a network test.  Once the test is complete your Xbox will be connected to the wireless broadband signal.

Connecting Your Sony PSP

The Sony PSP is one of the most popular handheld gaming consoles.  This device can only connect to the internet through a wireless connection.  This means that you will be able to connect it to your home broadband and your MiFi dongle. 

To start you will have to turn the PSP on and go to the network settings.  From there you have to go to the infrastructure mode and select new connection.  When you are within range of the MiFi dongle or wireless router you should scan.  The PSP will scan all of the wireless connections in the area and present a listing of them.  You should then choose the connection you are looking for.  You will then have to verify connection through the inputting of the network password.  If there is any relevant security which is protecting the connection you should select what it is from the list that will be provided.  Once you have verified this you will be asked able address settings and you should select the easy option. 

You will have to enter the name of the connection and this will be set to the default access point for the PSP.  Once you have saved this connection you will need to complete a network test.  One the PSP is satisfied with the test you will be connected to the broadband. 

There are a number of gaming consoles that have to connect to the internet for various reasons.  It is best that you know how to connect the device so you save time and effort in the future.  

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