Connecting your Playstation 3 to a wireless network is easy and doesn't take much time at all. With all your devices connected wirelessly, you'll be able to save space and look cleaner without a bunch of cables littering the floor. In order for this to work, you'll need an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which can either be from a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or a cable company; one important note though is that it can't be dial-up. Between the two, cable is a preferred choice since it offers faster download speeds because of its use of fiber optics - plastic or glass fibers that transfer data through beams of light with electromagnetic signals. And although conventional wisdom says DSL is safer (it doesn't share bandwidth over a vast area like cable, leaving an open window for predators to view personal information), there are firewalls and dynamic IPs that cable companies offer to prevent things like file sharing, identity theft or other security concerns. So I'd go with cable because you'll probably want to download movies and game demos from the Playstation store. Either way, before you get started you'll need to acquire a few items.

Things You'll Need:

Depending on whether you've chosen DSL or cable, if you're using a modem provided by your ISP, you'll need to make sure it has wireless capability. If you've had internet for awhile and have used the same ISP without changing your modem, chances are it doesn't have a wireless function; they've just started integrated this function on newer modems. So if you don't, you'd need to purchase a wireless router. Preferably one that uses 802.11n since it's the latest standard for wireless connectivity. I recommend D-Link's DIR-655; it not only supports 802.11n standards, but is also backwards compatible with the previous 802.11g. It may look a little weird with 3 antennas sticking out the back, but that's necessary for it to comply with 802.11n specifications. 802.11n allows for faster data transfer rates which means faster internet. The DIR-655 also supports updated security to keep your network safe. As of January 2011, it's a best seller on Amazon. Also, you'll need a Playstation 3 with 60 GB's or more as the earlier models aren't Wi-fi capable. And of course, one thing you won't need is an Ethernet cable. Now that we have everything we need, lets get connected to the internet wirelessly!




Step 1:

If you happen to have an Ethernet cable plugged into your console, remove it immediately! The Playstation may explode if you try connecting it wirelessly with it plugged in. Just kidding! But seriously, make sure the cable is out of your Playstation 3. I know, this will require manual labor but you can't get online wirelessly without doing this step. Don't worry though, once this is done it's back to pressing buttons. So after you've unplugged the cable, power on your Playstation 3 and make sure you have your Service Set Identity (SSID) which is the name of the wireless network you, or whoever set-up your wireless connection, gave to the network you are joining. But if you don't know it don't worry; the PS3 will scan it for you if the broadcast function is enabled. And if it's not enable, then you'll have to contact whoever set-up wireless internet or your ISP.



Step 2:

Once you're logged into your account, browse from Settings to Network Settings to Internet Connection Settings. Next you'll see the option of adjusting your settings for internet connection appearing on the screen. You'll also notice it says to create a wired connection you'll need an Ethernet cable plugged in - nothing about a bomb to those still worried - since we've already taken the cable out, just press X for OK.



Step 3:

On the next screen, choose "Easy" when it asks you which setting method you prefer. It'll take a couple of seconds to check for your network configuration. Then after it's done, it'll ask you which connection method you want to use. Choose "Wireless". For the next screen, you'll have to input your SSID; if you don't have it handy, then select "Scan"; othewise enter it manually or choose "Automatic" if you're using an access point that supports this type of setup.



Step 4:

After it's done scanning, continue to hit the right button on your D-pad untill you reach a page with the title "WLAN Security Setting" and underneath three options. If you have either a WEP or WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK key for security then choose one of these two options, if not just select "None". Obviously it's best to have security, but it may reduce performance so it's up to you. Finally, test the connection once it's all set-up. If everything is working properly you're all done!


You've just connected your wire free Playstation 3 to the internet with minimal physical labor. Now you'll be able to play games and watch movies without dealing with a ton of cables cluttering your room. And although I have my recommendations, it's always good to shop around to find the best wireless router for you. And remember to check if the modem provided by your ISP has wireless capabilities before you spend any money. Have fun!

Tips And Warnings:

Again, you cannot connect a Playstation 3 with 20 GB to a Wi-Fi network, only 60 GB and higher are capable of this. If you don't already have a Playstation 3, I recommend you buy the newer, slimmer 160 to 320 GB as these offer the best Playstation 3 deals to date.