How to Connect to your Inner Child

Your Inner child wants something, and you don't know what it is. You don't know why you eat too much, why you zone out on TV and movies, why you are asleep when your spouse comes home. Relating to your children feel like nothing but a fight to get them to do what you want them to do. So much easier to have a beer, or a painkiller, and tell yourself that's what life is. You're not a guru after all, or a meditation expert. You're a working class guy, with frustrations at work. Nobody understands you. . . that's the story and you're sticking to it. Except what if it isn't true?

What if you were happy to see your spouse when you saw her? What if you felt like the luckiest guy on Earth to love and connect to that wonderful creature? What if your kids were your pride and joy, and you so liked spending time with them that you felt sad to put them to bed? What if you laughed and joked around and had fun with your co-workers for 40 hours in a week. Sound crazy? You do go to church anyway. Fancy yourself a Christian. Wasn't it Christ who said, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself" ? If you loved your Self, you would love your neighbor, and your spouse, and your kids and your co-workers, may be even your job! So what if you're not Christian, you'll have even less to plow through to find the answer.

The answer that is inside You. The inner child knows. The inner child is not actually a child. The inner child is the original You, the You that knows what's best for you and always knew. The You that doesn't want cigarettes or Vicodin or any life killing substances. The real You came to this Earth with a will to live, fought for breath the moment after birth and seeks happiness. On some level smoking feels good, that's why you do it, that's the inner self seeking happiness. The broad spectrum you doesn't feel happy hacking and coughing, sluggish and checked out. That's the vague discomfort you try to ignore by turning on the TV or going shopping. That's your psyche aching for personal growth.

Why does shopping only help in the brief period when you're looking? Why is it an almost immediate let down when you bring the item home and adjust to its existence? Why do we forget brand new car feeling as soon as the brand new car smell fades? We are adaptable to anything up or down because things outside of us never effect the psyche so much as that which is within. As Jesus put so bluntly, food just passes through, what is from within a person and comes out is what is important.

Love yourself. Your Inner Child, your Inner Grown up, love all yourself. Treat yourself well. Eat as well as you can, your body is a temple. Take time to self reflect, rejuvenate and sleep enough. Feed your need to connect on an authentic level with your spouse and kids. Love them, as you love yourself. Treating them like unwanted extras may be how you are treating yourself – and its not working for you.