I Need Somebody to Help Me Financially!

If you are looking at how to contact millionaires giving away money free, you may want to consider using a new form of panhandling that has popped up.  These are called cyber begging sites.  It is the same basic thing as panhandling, but done electronically, so more people can potentially see your plea for help and offer up some form of financial assistance.  This can be a very effective way to get cash when you need it.  Since few philanthropists are really offering a free money giveaway with no strings attached and since there are only so many generous millionaires and billionaires out there that love to give away their money to the needy or poor, this is a good option to consider.  Of course, if you have some good samples and examples of wording to follow in you quest for cash, it will help you out a lot.  Here are some good examples of what you can say when you are looking for some help.

What to Post Online

Using cyber begging sites is a lot like blogging.  Some are free, but some are not.  Find the right one to make your post and you will soon have a good chance of having millionaires who are offering a money giveaway contact you to offer help.  Here’s a sample of what to post.  Please note:  Only post that which is real and true, since you may need to provide proof later, by email or in person.

  • I would like to ask for some form of financial help from anyone that can offer it.  I am a single father of three boys ages 7, 12, 14.  It is only for their welfare of my oldest son that I ask for assistance.

My oldest son was diagnosed with leukemia last year.  He is a very happy-go-lucky boy with a lot of life to live.  Because we have a medical emergency in the family, I was able to get medical assistance.  I am very thankful to have this type of help available to me.  Unfortunately, my work schedule is very demanding.

As a single parent, I was and still am willing to do almost anything for my children.  I always worked two jobs to make ends meet.  We have lived a very humble, but happy life. The problem I face now is that I simply cannot work this much and still be there for my son.  I am not asking for a lot of money or help – just enough to allow me to quit my part time job.  I would like to help him out more on his road to recovery.

If there is anyone out there able to help me, please contact me through my profile page.  I am willing and able to provide any proof you may need of my financial situation or my son’s illness.  I know there are plenty of scam artists out there, but I can prove to you that I am not one of them.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Of course, if you look at web begging or internet begging as a good way to contact millionaires giving away free money, this is only one example of what you can write when you make your legitimate request for help.  Listed below is another example of what could be an effective way to web -beg for help, when you are simply in a financial bind.  Again, it’s very important that you be honest about your situation, since many areas have laws that demand it. 

  • A request for financial assistance:

I am a 25 year old male.  I have no children and I am not married.  My story is not that of someone that most people would be sympathetic to, but I would like to be as honest as possible. 

When I was 18, I received my first credit card.  Like most kids, I went out and used it once or twice to make sure it worked.  This was my first mistake.  I quickly maxed out this card with frivolous and irresponsible spending habits.  I accept the blame for this.

After I maxed out my account, for a total of $2500, I was still doing okay.  I bought some cool stuff with it and the payments were still under $100 per month.  Life was good for me at that time.  Then, I started to get offers for more accounts in the mail and through email.  I applied for another one, convincing myself it would be for emergencies only. 

When you’re 18 years old, unfortunately, taking out girls or having fun seems like a good justification for using a card, rather than keeping it for actual emergencies.  I charged away like a fool and got near the limit on this card.  Still, my total payments were only about $175 per month, which I could afford since I worked fulltime at a decent job.

Over the next three years, I proceeded to act like an idiot – taking out new accounts and racking up the bills.  Again, this is my fault.  It wasn’t until I met my fiancée, Jill that I realized I needed to make some changes.  By this time, I had almost $30,000 in debt hanging over my head just in charge accounts.

I decided to sell just about everything I owned.  I was hoping to make a dent in the bills I had mounting, which had gotten out of hand.  I was falling behind and couldn’t make all the payments.  Selling off all the stuff I bought seemed like a good start.

I had bought so many frivolous things like electronics that were now out of date, a four wheeler which had depreciated greatly in value, and nice designer clothing, which is now out of style.  When I finished selling off all things I didn’t absolutely need, I only was able to raise about $6000.  I did pay off two of my accounts with this, which helped.

Now that I’m 25 and want to settle down with Jill and maybe even have kids, I cannot possibly afford it.  I am asking for some help with these bills, so I can get my head above water.  I have not charged one thing since I sold off my assets and will not charge anything ever again. 

I would humbly accept any help that someone is willing to offer me.  I really want to live the American dream and have a family that I can provide for someday.

In this sample, the author has fully explained that he realizes his financial problems were his own fault.  He is asking from help from millionaires, the rich, or just someone that will help him out.  Once you know how to contact millionaires giving away money free, it’s important to be honest about it, so you can get some financial help when you need it.

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