If you’re anything like me you probably have a huge number of gadgets continuously running in your house. Combined these seem to drain bandwidth like nobody’s business. Apps updating, programs updating and of course the general surf and turf of the internet.  At times you can find your bandwidth use just skyrocketing – and if you’re on an even vaguely limited data cap then this can cause serious problems. With that problem in mind I thought it would be worth getting an overview of capping your bandwidth use on all your gadgets and your home network.

The Home Network

I personally have an unlimited sky broadband and phone deal but I know that a lot of people have caps on their bandwidth use. If you like to watch a lot of films and games online then it can be really easy to overuse this and end up with a big bill. Of course you can limit the amount you watch online TV and download but there are some easy tips to bring down your use and squeeze a little extra life out of your bandwidth limits.

Firstly – Turn off all automatic updates that aren’t essential. Programs tend to check for updates every day and this uses up a little bit of bandwidth every time.

Secondly – run a regular virus scan and disable programs accessing the internet that don’t need to. (This is available on most anti-virus software as a feature). Virus scans are essential trust me.

Thirdly – Disable all your extensions and add-ons from your browser. These drain bandwidth massively sometimes so get rid of them.

These little tips will help a lot when it comes to improving your bandwidth use but you’ll also want to limit your own use if possible.

Your Phone

Phones are undoubtedly most people’s biggest stumbling blocks. Every app seems to want to connect to the internet for advertising, updates or just to make the dam things work. If you play any kind of games on your phone or are regularly using instant messaging and other apps you can quickly find your usage gone if not severely depleted. So here are the fixes

Firstly – Remove all the apps you don’t use

Secondly – Find out how your model lets you disconnect from the internet and turn off internet access whenever you aren’t using it.

Thirdly – Set when apps can access the internet and at what times (this is particularly useful for emails and other updates)

Fourthly – Set up your WiFi access at your home so that you can use your home bandwidth when in the house (this is brilliant if you are on an unlimited broadband package at home but even if you’re not the uses of most mobile apps are minimal!).

Your Other Gadgets

This covers everything from computer games consoles to tablets. My golden rules with these are simple – turn them off when not in use or charging them, connect them to your home network, delete all unneeded apps and ONLY connect to the internet when you are actually using it!