Oily hair is not fun to deal with. Despite your best efforts, the end result is always the same: greasy looking hair. This is often a hormonal issue that creates overactive oil glands in your scalp. Not only does it not look good, it can also make you feel gross and dirty as your hair is weighed down with oil. Moreover, oily hair attracts lots of dirt which only makes the problem worse. Although this is not a serious condition, it's very frustrating. Here are some tips to help keep your scalp's oil production under control.

First, you should be very careful with conditioner. Not everybody needs to use conditioner. Despite the way these products are marketed, the truth is that only people with very dry hair need conditioner. If you insist on using it anyway, apply it only to ends and be sure to rinse it all out very well.

You should also be careful which products you use in your hair. Some products will only contribute to the greasy look. If you have oily hair, you probably already avoid shine serums but even mousses and gels can leave oily residue on your hair. Use a product like Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It Mattifying Powder which is a powder instead of mousses and creams if you want to add some volume to limp, oily hair.

Try not to wash your hair too much. This sounds like bad advice and when your hair feels greasy, you might feel desperate to wash it clean. However, washing your hair too much strips out its natural oils. While this sounds nice in theory, it can actually spur your scalp to produce even more oils to make up for the deficit so try to wash your hair every other day and see if the situation improves. A product like Bumble and Bumble Dry Shampoo can help soak up some of the grease on the days you don't wash for a cleaner look and feel.

Keep your hands off of your scalp. The more you touch your hair, the more oily it will be because your fingers leave natural oils from your skin on your hair. This in turn attracts more dirt and grime. Scratching your head is a big no-no. Likewise, try not to brush your hair too much and this tends to boost your scalp's circulation and spur oil secretion. A hands-off policy is one of the best ways to keep greasy hair to a minimum.